About Us

             KINKINEE GHOSH


Hey folks.I am kinkinee,a Doctor by profession,a blogger by passion and a musician by heart…a loving daughter and a trustworthy friend.I am an extremely fun loving person and i reside in The City Of Joy,Kolkata.

I got into the world of blogging recently and decided to open a blog of my own in the mid of 2014 to unleash the creative side of me.

I named my blog Gupshup Avenue cause this blog would be a one stop destination for all the gupshups(updates) about fashion,beauty,makeup,travel,food,lifestyle and a lot more.We would just have it all.

I am a hardcore shopaholic and just mad about lipsticks(i have tons of them) specially bright colours.

So welcome to my pretty lil world. 🙂


                    RAMITENDRA RAY


Hello,I am Ramitendra, A doctor by profession ,a foodie by soul,a movie buff and an ardent fan of anything new and creative.All through out my college life i was an active part of the student welfare association and that took most of my time and energy other than studies.(which i miss now).

The foodie in me decided to document my gastronomical experience and thus i am here as part of Team Gupshup Avenue.

I would mainly write about my food and travel experience(since i am not at all a pro when it comes to fashion) 😉