Musings Over A Bowl Of Maggi

By Somreeta Mukherjee

I am often left wondering, what would have happened if Maggi instant noodles ceased to exist! Or suppose this brand of instant noodles weren’t ever introduced to the Indian market? What would our lazy Sunday breakfast be? What would make the rainy afternoons exciting? Or better still, what would we have to survive this lockdown?

In fact, if you take a closer look, the brand has become a synonym for the product and we hardly need to tag the ‘instant noodles’ part with ‘Maggi’. When we say “I would love to have some Maggi”, it is assumed that we are talking about those wavy and intertwined, masala-coated, juicy strands of flavoursome noodles. At the most, we need to specify if it’s ‘masala’ Maggi or ‘Chicken’ Maggi, and we know the exact flavour to expect when a bowl of piping hot Maggi would be served to us!

As an inexperienced adult, I was somehow under the impression that Maggi is something relished by children, but this lockdown has acted as an eye-opener. I have realised that kids and adults enjoy Maggi alike! Ordering restaurant food was restricted for quite a while during the Covid19 pandemic and fast food centres weren’t being considered ‘hygienic’ enough! So what’s the option? What to do to tantalize the taste buds? The answer is a bowl of hot and soupy Maggi noodles, cooked to perfection in only 2  minutes (read 5 minutes)!


Add some freshly chopped coriander leaves and finely sliced onions, you would be transported to the lap of mountains in Sikkim in a minute. Frankly speaking, I got my first experience of eating Maggi with onions and coriander leaves while I was at Pelling. It was late afternoon and lunch wasn’t available, so I had to bank on a bowl of Maggi to satiate my hunger. Till then I had never realised that Maggi could taste so good with something so readily available!

Want to go elaborate with your Maggi? Cook it with chopped vegetables and eggs and oh! What a delicacy! It not only satisfies your hunger, but also tastes wonderful. If you have some chunks of boiled chicken or a pot of readymade chicken stock waiting silently in the refrigerator to be used meaningfully, you know what to do with them! Cook your Maggi in that chicken stock and add those chunks of chicken too, you are sorted for your meal. Or say you have a few pieces of delicious leftover Chilli Chicken, just combine the two for a delectable lunch.


Actually, a bowl of Maggi can churn up many beautiful memories. A monsoon afternoon spent with a loved one, a late night food adventure with your room-mate in the hostel room, a sluggish dinner menu on a day you just didn’t feel like cooking anything, a gamut of nostalgia with school friends associated with the sticky feel of noodles that was hot while it was packed in the lunch box but cooled down into a mass of clammy ball when you actually tried eating during recess- the list of such ramblings down the memory lane is endless!


P.S. Whether eating Maggi is good for health or not is a debatable question and I wasn’t thinking of the aspect of health while writing this article. The views expressed in this post are extremely personal and isn’t attempt to promote the brand.

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