Good Vibes Tea Tree Scalp Cleansing Hair Food Review

By Somreeta Mukherjee

I was planning to buy a hair-care product (not exactly an usual bottle of serum or oil) that would help nourish my hair and help prevent dandruff as well as hair fall. Recently, as you know, I have been trying out the Good Vibes range of products and this tub of Good Vibes Tea Tree Scalp Cleansing Hair Food happened to catch my attention. Today I am going to review this product here, in my post:



“Good Vibes Hair Food is here to give your hair the extra care it needs! The Tea Tree in the formula makes sure to give your hair a much-needed detox and helps prevent dandruff.


Active Ingredients:Tea Tree,Tea Tree Oil

Benefits:Dandruff Treatment,Hair Repair,Mild Cleansing

Hair Concern:Dandruff,Frizzy Hair

Hair Type:All Hair Types

Speciality:Cruelty Free


  • Our hair forms our personality
  • A healthy mane is essential for a dame
  • Good Vibes Hair Food is formulated to deeply condition, strengthen dry and damaged hair
  • While Good Vibes Hair Food focuses on smoothing hair, the vitamins in Hair Food Formula provide more intensive treatment for longer lasting results
  • It contains nourishing vitamins to strengthen hair, while essential oils add shine and protein restores the structure
  • It is ideal for those with extremely dry hair and scalp, who are experiencing dandruff, frizz or frayed ends as a result of over-processing
  • It should only be used once a week as a restorative treatment due to its thick consistency”

Packaging: This green coloured hair care product with a thick consistency like that of wax, comes neatly packed in a plastic tub packaging with all the relevant information and details printed on the label. There is an extra protective shield that helps keep the product hygienically sealed. It has a refreshing fragrance of tea tree.

Texture: The product, when scooped out of the tub, has a granular, wax-like feel, but as soon as it is rubbed in between the palms, it melts and tends to become oil-like in texture. The scalp and hair-shafts tend to become greasy post application.

My Experience:

Contrary to the idea projected by the ‘how to use’ section, it did not allow me to style my hair until I washed it off with shampoo and water. Hair looked awfully oily and felt rather heavy too. I had to shampoo twice and even then I found, my hair didn’t feel squeaky clean. The hair strands were oily even after my hair was dry.

At first I felt I had gone wrong with the amount of product used by me or may be I didn’t shampoo well enough! So I tried using it around 3 times after that, each time making certain changes thinking I might be going wrong with the quantity, application or hair wash. Then I realized that this product wasn’t meant for me at all! I must mention here that the build-up associated with this product, increased my dandruff issues (instead of treating it) and even caused hair fall!


Good Vibes Tea Tree Scalp Cleansing Hair Food:Pros

  • Affordable at Rs315 for 100g
  • Contains tea tree and anti-bacterial properties
  • Refreshing fragrance of tea tree
  • Free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oil
  • Makes hair soft


Good Vibes Tea Tree Scalp Cleansing Hair Food: Cons

  • Tends to make hair oily and feel heavy
  • Does not cleanse scalp at all, causes build up
  • Difficult to wash off
  • Doesn’t treat dandruff
  • I experienced hair fall


Final Word

Good Vibes Tea Tree Scalp Cleansing Hair Food did not suit me at all! In fact, I think I could have used my 315/- (though I got it at a discounted price) in a better way. I feel the need to be more careful with my choice of products. Perhaps I wouldn’t be using this tub of hair food anymore as my experience has not been a satisfying one so far (I have used 3…4 times). I wouldn’t like to recommend this product to anyone. The ‘how to use’ section is somewhat misleading too! The claims made by the product are not quite fulfilled. Rating would be 1 out of 5.

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