Tinchuley: A Short Stay In A Quaint Hamlet


Tinchuley is a quaint mountain hamlet located at a distance of 3 kilometres from Takdah, in the district of Darjeeling, West Bengal. A tourist attraction, especially among nature lovers, Tinchuley is nestled in the middle of hills and tea gardens, at an elevation of 5800ft. The name, interestingly, has its origin in the words- ‘Teen’ and ‘Chullah’, meaning three ovens.

A tiny organic village that promotes village tourism, one of the most notable features of this picturesque village happens to be its serene and peaceful surroundings. With clouds floating in at regular intervals and shrouding everything around, Tinchuley is a muse to a poet, a balm to tired soul and a delight to any nature-lover.


An early morning nature walk is perhaps one of the most fulfilling experiences here. With steep mountain walls dotted with wild flowers, the oaks and pines that stand tall and the winding path wet with the kisses of dew drops and clouds, the silent surroundings speak of nature’s bounties and echo its blessings.

One of the meandering lanes would lead to a quaint monastery. In the afternoon, we would walk to this monastery and spend some time there. As darkness would descend, we would go back to our nest at 4.30-4.45 p.m. Soon, around 5 p.m. the repeated gongs of the bell would be sounded, accompanied with group chanting of prayers. It was mysterious and breathtaking at the same time.


Our Tinchuley experience has been remarkable on account of our stay in Gurung’s Guest House that has every modern amenity to make your stay comfortable and yet, it is rooted deeply in its natural habitat. There are a few other hotels and home-stays. However, going by our research and reading of reviews prior to booking, we found that most of the visitors have spoken highly of the hospitality of the Gurung Guest House and thus we decided to book our rooms there. After shelling out around Rs 2500 per room, per day (don’t remember the exact tariff) and then an extra of Rs 800 per person for all meals in a single circuit of the sun, we got the best possible experience. The most wonderful part was the care with which food was served at the dining table and one is free to ask for as many helpings as one can. Special mention goes to the huge pieces of deliciously fried fish (one piece being equivalent to the size of 2 to 3 pieces of fish we normally eat at home), crispy French fries and the variety of pickles apart from the vegetable curries, spicy chicken masala and hot roti/rice that they served. You can eat to your heart’s content!


We stayed in Tinchuley for a couple of days and the evenings would be spent at the verandah, with the constant chirping of crickets in the background.


The weather of Tinchuley is pleasantly cool during the summers (I paid a visit to this place in May 2019). The short stay has been an enriching experience in every sense of the term.

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