Benefits Of Eating Salads


Having salads is a healthy way of satisfying your hunger pangs. You can give free flow to your creativity while adding colours to your salad platter in the form of a variety of vegetables and fruits. It is fun as well as important to try out different salad recipes each time to do away with boredom and also to let your body make the most of the various sources of nutrition.

    When you add a dose of vitamins (especially Vitamin A and C), your salad bowl tends to be rich in antioxidants. Add vibrant green to your salad in the form of baby spinach while radish will give that crunch. Put bell pepper and cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and spring onions too. Add some peaches and strawberries, or even blueberries and pomegranate seeds for an extra fruity flavour. Don’t forget to sprinkle some walnut! Salt and pepper certainly deserve a mention here. Antioxidants help keep your body safe from damages by free radicals.
    Including dietary fibers in your meals help lower cardiac problems. So eat your salad with lots of vegetables that are abundant in insoluble fiber, so that your digestive system functions well. Adding nuts and seeds rich in insoluble fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar level too. Make a hearty salad bowl using lettuces and cabbages, corns, onions, carrots and bell pepper. For that extra zest, squeeze in some lemon juice along with balsamic vinegar. Mix well with a drizzle of olive oil and some minced garlic cloves, pinch of salt as well as pepper. Having salads rich in fiber helps prevent constipation too.
    We know how important protein is for the body, proteins and amino acids being the building blocks of muscles and bones. So try having your salad with an extra dose of protein. While leafy green allow you to have an ideal salad platform, add a small cup of beans, some strips of boiled chicken, chunks of tofu, legumes or low-fat cheese add a punch of protein. (Read about the different ways of increasing your protein consumption here)



While proteins, antioxidants and fibers sound pretty good, we cannot neglect the fact that our body needs its share of carbohydrates and fats too! Check out the following tips to make your salad more balanced in terms of carbs and fats:

  • Add nuts, avocado and olive oil to your salad for they are rich in monounsaturated fat.
  • Add a serving of quinoa, potato wedges, corns or even some leftover whole-wheat pasta for carbs.
  • Try skipping croutons in your salad and have some seeds instead.
  • Adding lemon juice, basil, oregano, parsley, black pepper are some of the ways to make your salads flavorsome and delicious.


To make the most of your salad eating experience, avoid salad dressings that have a lot of cream and unwanted fat content. At the same time, having salad on a regular basis might be a healthy affair but it is an expensive affair too, especially with the different kinds of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds involved. So, you may like to stick to those exotic salad recipes once or twice a week and gorge on the nutritious yet budget-friendly crunchy salad with lots of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions with a dash of lemon juice and a handful of freshly chopped coriander leaves.

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