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I bet that you can never say “no” to a plate of hot and flavourful Biryani. It’s one of the most popular dishes that need no formal introduction. A delicacy relished by all, Biryani is believed to be one of the most significant contributions of the Mughals to the North Indian food culture while the South Indian Biryani is known to be influenced by the Arabs. Whilst the spices used for this aromatic dish and cooking style differ from one region to another, Biryani still remains a favourite in almost every part of India.

While Vegetable Biryani or ‘Tehri’ is a great favourite among the North Indian vegetarian comminuty, Hyderabad can boast of at least forty different versions of this delicious rice-based dish. Colloquial names of Biryani across different places (cooked in its own distinct style in the place it’s named after) include Bombay Biryani, Kolkata Biryani, Sindhi Biryani, Assamese Kampuri Biryani, to name just a few! Whether it’s Pakki biryani (in which half-cooked rice is combined with cooked meat and then cooked all over again till the perfect consistency is achieved) or Katchhi Biryani (in which raw meat, marinated in spices and yoghurt, is cooked with uncooked rice), Biryani happens to be a complete meal in itself and that’s why it is one of the highest ordered dishes all over the country.

However, did you know that apart from being one of the most frequently ordered dishes, Biryani is also one of the top dishes cooked in the Indian household? Homemade Biryani is something that’s often cooked and served with love, which is why, it is all the more special.



With options galore, looking for the ideal Biryani recipes can be somewhat confusing. Choosing your recipe and deciding your Biryani menu depend a lot on what your idea of Biryani is! Check out some of the options that would be great for that perfect Biryani experience at your dining table:

  • Awadhi Biryani: If you want your biryani to be a royal dining experience, go for the classic Awadhi Biryani with luscious pieces of mutton, cooked to perfection with roasted spices. It’s something that finally turns into an extravagant spread when served with aromatic rice. 1 hour 30 minutes is all that you need to spend for this lavish dinner!
  • Hyderabadi Biryani: In love with the dum style biryani with appetizing flavour of fried onions and mint together? Hyderabadi biryani is a gastronomic delight, cooked with spices in layers of half-boiled rice and deliciously cooked meat. Preparation and cooking time together would take around 1 hour 30 minutes but when you serve this plate of hot Hyderabadi Biryani garnished with boiled eggs and sliced carrots, you would realise that the time you spent toiling in the kitchen is nothing in comparison to the smile on the faces of your family members eating to their hearts’ content.
  • Handi Biryani: Want your chicken biryani slow-cooked with milk and vegetables (like potatoes, onions and capsicum) in an earthenware or metal handi? Adding some powdered mace and nutmeg gives a strong flavour like never before. A plate of Chicken Handi Biryani is a comfort food that will be an instant favourite of everyone in the family. Total cooking time you need to devote is around 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Keema Biryani: If your idea of biryani is somewhat different from the traditional pieces of meat served with aromatic rice, Keema biryani with minced mutton, crusty almonds, dry fruits and raisins is something you must try out. The total cooking time is around 1 hour 45 minutes. Be prepared to impress your guests with your amazing culinary skills (read Biryani skills!)
  • Dum Murg Di Kachchi Biryani: Thinking of cooking raw pieces of chicken, marinated with a variety of spices and then cooked dum-style with rice? Do try out the Murg Di Kachchi Biryani. It’s delicious and can be cooked in around 1 hour 40 minutes.



To cook the tastiest version of biryani, try to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Lay your hands on the best quality ingredients for that faultless texture and perfect taste.
  • Make sure the rice is soaked for around 30 minutes before cooking to soften the rice.
  • Adding whole spices while boiling the rice imparts a lovely aroma.
  • Marinate the pieces of meat well for that succulent taste
  • Avoid overcooking your rice
  • Saffron strands soaked in milk helps add a nice colour to your plate.

The best part of having homemade biryani is that you have ultimate control over the ingredients that you use. You can customize the most traditional recipes as per your convenience and try out the biryani recipes that you want while adding your bit of innovation to it. Serve it with salad and raita and you are sorted! What’s your recipe of cooking the best biryani? Do share your recipe with us!

In a mood to order Biryani or dine out? Check out the best places for Biryani in Kolkata here.


P.S.- I am neither a food expert, nor am I professionally trained to talk about food. However, as any other person, I love good food. This article is a culmination of my experience with Biryani either through cooking or through eating, and of course some research work related to the different kinds of Biryani.

*Picture Courtesy- The picture of biryani served with salad is my mother’s version of Chicken Biryani. It’s cooked and clicked by my mom- Ms Sharmila Mukherjee.

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