Ten Clever Tips For Eating Healthy At A Restaurant


Whether it’s your little nephew’s birthday dinner, your boss’ anniversary celebration, lunch sponsored  by your sibling after a much deserved promotion or just a friends’ meet after ages, eating out is something that becomes a mandatory affair and you probably cannot refuse the delectable meal being served at the dining table that has been pre-booked just for the purpose. It may be that you have been trying hard to refrain from all kinds of junk food for staying fit and healthy, but on such occasions, can you really say ‘no’? Or let’s say you are bored of eating home-cooked food day in day out and for a change, wish to eat at your favourite restaurant without feeling guilty about it. So here is a post that compiles all the clever tips about healthy eating that you can keep in mind while dining out.


  1. Eat some healthy snacks from home before you go to the restaurant- may be a bowl of yoghurt with a mix of seeds or a handful of nuts, or say a glass of fruit shake. That way you can restrain your tendency of overeating in the restaurant as you will feel full already.
  2. Drink a glass of water (I prefer drinking packaged drinking water in a restaurant) while you are ordering the food and the food is being made.
  3. If you are in the company of friends or colleagues who are planning to order drinks, be careful with the snacks that you have. Many pubs offer complementary snacks with drinks and mostly, these munchies are high on carbohydrates (like in potato chips). So order something that’s healthier, even if that means shelling out some extra money.
  4. While ordering appetizers, opt for vegetable or meat-based appetizers. In fact, ordering a salad as an appetizer is a great idea as it allows you to have the right blend of vegetables like lettuce, beans, carrots, capsicum along with strips of chicken or fish!
  5. While ordering soups, opt for clear soups. Avoid creamy ones as they may be high on unnecessary calories.
  6. For main dish, go for a protein-based diet instead of carbohydrate based one. To put it simply, opt for grilled fish served with lemon-butter sauce instead of a plate of mutton biryani!
  7. Avoid sugary and sweetened drinks as much as possible. Salty lime soda makes a good choice in case you are running out of option. Most of the restaurants serve lime soda or lemonade; just request them to make it salty instead of sweet.
  8. Avoid buffets as it allows you to eat everything that you can, at a fixed price! Chances are you will end up over-eating like never before.
  9. While the dessert menu can be tempting, try not to give in! Opt for a fruit-based dessert so that you get to eat something healthy, tasty and yet appease your sweet-tooth at the same time.
  10. Feel free to ask your waiter to guide you through the process in case you can’t figure out the menu by the name of dishes. If required ask your waiter to double or triple the vegetable portion in the main course while you compromise on the processed and starchy content.


So enjoy your eat-out plans. It is absolutely desired that you go out once in a while and taste the delicious food out there on offer in your favourite restaurant. Just keep these clever tips and tricks in mind so that you don’t have to go on a guilt-trip later on. Happy eating out !!!

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