How To Eat Healthy


“When there is a will, there is a way”- this saying holds true in every sphere of life. And as far as eating healthy is concerned, determination certainly matters. Now-a-days, with so many distractions available in the form of luxury fine dines, fast food centers and of course, the restaurant food delivery services that allow you to enjoy sumptuous meals with a click on that button on your smart phone app, it is challenging to decide to eat healthy and then to stick to your decision. Remember that home-cooked food is always a healthier option because it allows you to ration the ingredients according to your requirements.


Check out some of the easy tips that you can follow:

    Opt for whole grains with high fibre content instead of white, starchy carbohydrates. So, try eating rotis made of multigrain atta or whole wheat atta. Learn that easy recipe to make oatmeal muffins or binge on a slice of buckwheat banana cake and slowly you will learn that eating healthy isn’t that difficult after all! (Read about some of the best substitutes for white flour while baking here)
    Include nuts and seeds in your  regular diet and let your body get its share of nutrients. Eat nuts as snacks. These days, with so many departmental stores and online grocery stores easily accessible, laying your hands on the nuts and seeds of your choice isn’t that difficult. While almonds, walnuts and pistachios are conventional names, the exotic ones like chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds are quite within reach as well.  Make a deliberate attempt to include the seeds in your recipes. For instance, adding a tbsp flaxseeds to your daily bowl of yoghurt/curd, mixing a tbsp chia seeds in your tumbler of mango shake or using a paste of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds for the gravy while cooking your favourite chicken curry are some of the easiest ways of incorporate seeds in your regular diet. However, don’t go overboard with nuts and seeds. Portion size should be limited. (Read about some of the nuts you should be eating regularly here)
    Proteins are required for growth and development of body in every possible way. So include protein-rich food like eggs, Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, milk and lean meat. These items can be turned into appetizing dishes and enjoyed with family and friends at the dining table. (Check out some of the best protein-rich breakfast ideas here)
    While having a mixed platter of boiled vegetables in the form of vegetable salad is the best way possible to include vegetables in your diet, it may not make your taste buds happy in the true sense. So, these days I have actually started looking for youtube videos for trying out various recipes that include a lot of vegetables in simple yet tasty ways. It is important to think beyond potatoes when it comes to vegetables. Green leafy ones are the best! So if you want to include spinach in your diet, cook a bowl of tasty palak paneer. For including some cabbages and cauliflowers in your diet, stuff your roti with a generous filling of the same and make gobi ‘paratha’ with just a hint of oil; alternately, you may even like to cook Gobi Manchurian for a flavourful side dish. And indeed, as a resident of Kolkata, don’t forget the Bengali pui-shaak er chochhori, shukto or ghonto, which are just the various tasty versions of mixed veg curry. The names may be drab but they taste heavenly! Ask your mother and your grandmother, they will be able to help you with such exquisite recipes that are quite forgotten now. Just remember to use only as much cooking oil as necessary. Oil guarantees taste but robs the health out of the vegetables. Also try to invest in organic produce.
    Having your fruits with the fibre content is important. So cut the fruits, sprinkle some black pepper powder or some chilli flakes and gobble them up! For a fancy recipe, just turn your fruits into shakes and smoothies, taking care to throw away only the seeds and the peels (and not the pulp or the fibres).
    Cut down on sugar, sugary drinks and processed food items. That piece of salami can make your sandwiches delectable, those juicy slices of sausages could make your breakfast platter look like it has been imported straight from Glenary’s or the tetra-pack of ready-made fruit juice might make promises to give you your dose of vitamins and anti-oxidants. But remember that processed and canned products are high on sugar content and not good for health. Try eating fresh, cooking your food from the scratch and not going overboard with sugar and calories. Opt for jaggery, fruits and honey as substitute for sugar as much as possible.


It is important to make right choices when it comes to the kind of food you choose to eat. Initially you need to make an effort, but with time, eating healthy becomes a habit.So no matter how enticing that platter of chilli garlic noodles look or how much you drool the moment you see that photograph of chicken pizza with extra dose of cheese, remember that ‘’all that glitters is not gold’’. Act smart, eat home-cooked food and live a healthy life!


P.S. I am not a food expert. This is a research article.

Disclaimer: This post is a culmination of my reading of articles and excerpts on how to eat healthy. Ideas and opinions expressed in this post is entirely subjective and may not be relevant for certain underlying health conditions. In case you have chronic health conditions, please get in touch with a physician or dietitian for a diet to suit your purpose.

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