Celebrate Valentines Day With The Heart Shaped Chocolate Momo at Wow Momo.

This is the month of love.That time of the year when love is all around,couples holding hands and going for romantic walks,friends turning into partners and red becoming the color of the month.But amidst all this what cannot be changed is the love for food,dinner dates or just a momo date with your loved one.

Wow Momo has brought to us exactly that with the heart shaped chocolate momo this Valentines Week.Chocolate plus momo is itself a win ,and when it comes in a beautiful red heart shape ,there is nothing more you can ask for to celebrate the month of love.

Momos are my absolute favourite.So this valentines day i sneaked out of work for a quick momo date with my significant other to the nearest Wow Momo .Priced at Rs 69 each chocolate momo tastes absolutely delicious and is a must try .So make sure to be there at Wow Momo to indulge in some chocolate momos.

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