Monsoon Chai Evenings At JW Marriott Kolkata

For us bengalis there is nothing more satisfying than a good adda with your friends while it is pouring outside over some cha and some fritters.There is nothing more romantic than sipping on a hot cup of tea while watching the rains outside.

And to celebrate this essence of monsoon ,JW Lounge has come up with Monsoon Chai Evening,where you can sit down,relax and enjoy some delicious finger food and good tea while hearing the pitter patter of the rains.

The monsoon chai evenings menu is specially curated with some great options for both vegeterian and non vegeterian people.The hero of this special menu, of course will be, Chai! A selection of artisanal teas will be on offer ranging from adrakh, elaichi, kesar, tulsi and other herbal infusions served with chili, cheese or herb rusks.

Some dishes from the vegetarian menu on display will be ‘Duet Corn Cake(Newborn & Corn Niblets coated with Thin Lentil Flour)’, ‘Inspired Onion Frittata (Native Spice Infused Fried Potato & Onion Tian)’, ‘Monsoon Nachos Muddle Up (Cheddar Baked Nachos with Pico-de-Gallo & Refried Beans)’, ‘Fry-up Paneer Steak(Vermicelli crusted Home cured cottage cheese Rissole with Green Salsa)’, ‘Cheesy Cajun Popcorn (Cheese Blasted Cajun Spice Rubbed Popcorn)’, ‘Chat a-la Romania (Chef constructed Italian chat with Pickled Vegetables)’. One can choose between a ‘Lamb Slider (Small Rye Buns Loaded with Pulled Lamb)’and ‘Grilled Chicken Supreme (Chicken Tenderloin in Aromatic Marinade)’from the non-vegetarian options. End the meal with a sweet stack of imartis or ‘Imarti Tower’


Venue: JW Lounge, JW Marriott Kolkata Timing: 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Date: 24th July 2018 – 24th August 2018
Prices: INR 555 plus applicable taxes
For Reservations: +91 33 6633 0000

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