A Day At Kausani


Kausani is a small hamlet cradled in the lap of nature. A quaint hill station in Uttarakhand amidst the serene alpine hills, Kausani’s beauty remains unparalleled. Watching the orange rays of sun shoot through the Panchachulli Range is perhaps one of the most fulfilling ways you can start your day with. The twittering of birds, the lush greenery touching the sky in the distant horizon, the panoramic view of the Nanda Devi and Panchachuli range- Kausani has a lot to offer to quench the wander-thirst of a traveller.

After a long day’s journey from Nainital to Kaushani via Ranikhet, my tired soul longed for something extraordinary. My eyes were delighted to see this place enveloped in verdant green-so serene, so  beautiful. With hardly any shop or residential area around, our nest in Kaushani was located in a distant place, far from the maddening crowd. There it offered a glorious view of the Himalayan range that is no less that a soothing balm to the tired eyes.

There are many beautiful places and hill stations in Uttarakhand, but Kausani has a charisma of its own. As evening descended, the starry sky looked magnificent. I have never seen so many stars in my life! The whole sky was dotted with tiny specks of light- a canopy studded with diamonds.
I stretched my view as far as I could! No building stood tall to obstruct my vision- I could see darkness mitigated by stars envelop my existence.

Early in the morning, the sun’s rays shot through the magnificent Panchachuli range. The tall trees, the flowers, the birds and the mountains seemed to come alive as soon as the golden rays of sun fell on them.

With a cup of hot steaming coffee, I basked in the beauty that nature had to offer. Soon it was time for me to get ready and start my journey to Munsiyari.

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  1. June 2, 2017

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  3. June 13, 2017

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