Is Monsoon A Good Time To Visit Darjeeling?


The question is whether monsoon is a good time to visit the Queen of the Hills. However, I would like to say that there is no definite answer to this question. The question is really subjective and depends on what priorities you have on your list.

Incidentally, I paid a short visit to Darjeeling and returned back only 3 or 4 days back. As you know, the months of June, July and August constitute monsoon time in Darjeeling and I can fairly say that even though it was not about heavy monsoon, at least I experienced pre-monsoon or light monsoons in Darjeeling.

Frankly speaking, if catching a glimpse of the magnificent Kanchenjunga range is your top priority, DON’T visit Darjeeling in the rainy season. As far as I am concerned, I was quite flexible that way. I have been lucky to enjoy the grandeur of Kanchenjunga many times before. I have seen it every single day, clearly, to my heart’s content during my trip to East Sikkim and Pelling, even Ravangla. So, in any case, I had no plans of going all the way up to the Tiger Hill to see the view. Coincidentally, Kanchenjunga had been rather moody and didn’t offer a glimpse in the last one month! So, what is it that you get to see? Clouds and clouds everywhere!

Secondly, landslides are very common during the rainy days. However, we didn’t experience any because it was kind of ‘pre-monsoon’ time. Apart from that, sightseeing might be a difficult task to do if you have to carry umbrella everywhere and then, thunder and lightning striking all the time! At times, the downpour is so severe that it is difficult to walk along the soggy and muddy paths. So, these three reasons can be major turn off and you can very well decide not to visit Darjeeling during monsoon time.

Now, after all these negatives, let us come to the advantages associated with Darjeeling monsoons.


First of all, the surroundings turn magical overnight and Nature proves itself to be the best painter!

Clouds come floating in and everything is shrouded in a mysterious aura- this is something that is sure to win your heart away!

As it starts drizzling, your cup of hot and steaming coffee turns into a magic potion that revives your soul. After all, what can be better than sipping on coffee and watching drizzle or hearing the pitter-patter sound against the glass panes?

A misty morning is exquisite in the truest sense of the term! It is cold and feels wonderful. Moreover, there is a lot of greenery around

Tourists are less in number. So, you get to enjoy privacy as well as all the facilities that an urban and commercialized hill station like Darjeeling has to offer. So, visit the Mall and yet enjoy private moments

Your otherwise simple platter of Soups, Stews, Fried Rice and Chicken Manchurian seems to be more delicious when you get to enjoy the sight of rains as you keep munching on.

Apart from all these, the best part is that you can get some real good deals on hotel tariff during monsoons. That’s because the inflow of tourists is not as heavy and the problem of water scarcity is reduced to a great extent as well. You get to see a lot of greenery all around. Moreover, the foggy mornings and cloudy afternoons are so very charismatic! So decision is yours. But I must say that monsoon in Darjeeling has its own charm to offer!

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