My Trip To Gangtok


Gangtok is quite different from the serene and tranquil Sikkim that I have always been to. The gigantic mountains standing tall, the pines and the firs, the quaint villages nestled in the lap of nature, the greenery- I find them fascinating. While a major part of the Eastern Silk Route, South Sikkim and West Sikkim is virgin, Gangtok is highly commercialized. There are hundreds of hotels, shops and eateries. Since this was the second time I visited Gangtok and I’ve already been to almost every place that are to be seen as a part of sightseeing (Baba Mandir and Changu Lake being two very important spots), I chose to make my Gangtok experience a bit customized as per my preferences.

We had put up in a hotel in Deorali Bazar, about 3 kilometres away from M.G.Marg. However, it was equally congested with lots of traffic and thousands of tourists. I wished to get away from all that hustle and bustle. So I took a path that seemed to lead to nowhere and was not frequented by many.

We walked and soon my husband said, ‘Let’s go back. It seems like a dead end’. I insisted on walking for a few minutes more and soon we were ambling along a narrow lane surrounded by mountains and puffs of clouds.

This is exactly ‘the Sikkim’ I was looking for! We were ecstatic.
Soon, we could sense that there should be a monastery or a Buddhist Stupa around.

And indeed, we were right. The narrow lane uphill led us to a beautiful Stupa- Do Drul Chorten Stupa.

It was so quiet and the lamps that burnt inside looked heavenly.

My mind got the solace it had been seeking.

It was a deserted road and on our way back, we visited a curio shop that instantly drew our attention. There were stunning collectibles and after shopping, I sat down to have some tea and Maggi with the Sikkimese twist.

I was completely lost in a different world as I heard the constant chirping of crickets and twittering of birds.

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