Five Places That Offer Best Momos In Kolkata


Momos are very popular among the Calcuttans. That is why, various outlets have sprung up where Tibetian momos are easily available in Kolkata. But which are the best momo junctions in this ‘city of joy’? Check out the top 5 ones.


Located in Sikkim House at Middleton Row, The Blue Poppy is a hot favourite among momo lovers in Kolkata. If you want delicious vegetarian, chicken and pork Tibetian momos, this place is surely going to make you happy! Priced at a comfortable range of Rs 80 to Rs 110 for different types of steamed, fried and pan-fried momos, Blue Poppy is also the place for you if you want to try out other items like Bhutanese cuisine, Nepali cuisine and Chinese too! Phalays and Thukpas made by Blue Poppy are also very tasty. They have outlets at Salt Lake Sector 3 and Lake Town as well.


Is there a momo lover who has not heard of or been to Wow Momo? Wow Momo outlets are spread across the city of Kolkata and you expect to get one in every lane and every mall whenever you have that intense momo craving! Rajarhat, New Market, Kasba, Jadavpur, Sealdah, Gariahat, Ballygunge, Tollygunge, Avani Mall (Howrah), Forum Mall (Elgin), City Centre 2 Mall (Rajarhat)…the list is endless! Wow momo is not just known for the delectable taste that their momos have but also for the variety they have to offer. You name it, they have it! Steamed momo as well as fried momos of all sorts are available at a price range of Rs 75 to 110 per plate. Chicken, prawn, fish, cheese, paneer, capsicum, veggie, corn spring or mushroom- there is a steamed momo of every kind! Pan fried momos, priced at around Rs 100 per plate, are available in schezwan sauce as well as tomato-garlic sauce. Did you know Wow Momo makes wonderful chocolate momos too?


Calcuttans have a special liking for Tibetian momos. The stub stools, the square black tables, the ‘cool’ decor and the amazing Tibetian food make Momo I Am a popular destination for college goers and young people. Located at Lake Gardens near Nava Nalanda School, Momo I Am is a great place for steamed momos as well as fried ones. Reasonably priced at Rs 60 approximately, when you order a plate of momo, you get 6 delightful pieces of juicy momos accompanied by soup and a hot sauce. You will surely love the ambience and the good food. You may also love to try out their noodle-soup or Thukpa.


Momo Plaza, located near Elgin Road, is a perfect place for you to gorge on some tasty momos. They have five varieties of veg, chicken and pork momos, namely, steamed, fried, deep fried, pan fried and schezwan pan fried momos. Prices are Rs 75, 80, 85, 90 and 100 respectively for chicken and pork; veg momos are even cheaper. A tiny place that it is, you need to keep your eyes open in order to spot the outlet!


Denzong Kitchen, located conveniently at Tollygunge and New Alipore, is yet another hot spot for momos in Kolkata. A place of 6 pieces of steamed chicken momo would cost you only Rs 40 while fried ones come at a price of Rs 50. You also get delicious chicken pan fried momos, Chicken momos in garlic sauces and also in schezwan sauce just at Rs 60! You may have to ignore the ambience though and it is great to have Denzong momos…on the go!


So, get along with your momo love and taste some of Kolkata’s best momos!

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