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Top 5 Eateries In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a popular tourist destination that is also known for some of the legendary restaurants offering amazing food and catering to the tastes of every fussy gourmet. Wish to know more about these...

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Barcelos: A place for Afro-Portugese Cuisine

Recently i had the best flame grilled chicken and it was at the newly opened afro-portugese restaurant BARCELOS at Acropolis mall. Yes Barcelos is in Kolkata.Finally the tangy peri peri sauce and perfectly made...

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Easy Tips For Cooking With Yogurt

BY SOMREETA MUKHERJEE Yogurt is not only relished as a delectable dessert, it is also used as an ingredient to lend flavor and taste in hundreds and thousands of recipes. Yogurt is a healthy...

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Best Places For Desserts In Kolkata

BY SOMREETA MUKHERJEE Wish to gratify your sweet tooth? Even though Kolkata is associated with sweet delicacies of Bengali mishti and sandesh, surely Kolkata is not just about these desserts. Wish to move beyond...

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