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Lachha Seviyan Kheer Recipe

Indian kitchens seem to be incomplete without sweet dishes. That is why, it is always rewarding to try out sweet dishes like kheer, payesh, homemade mishit doi and gajar ka halwa. Today, I am...

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Oil-Free Chicken Stew: Recipe

Whether you want a healthy breakfast or a not-so-heavy dinner, you can always opt for chicken stew cooked with vegetables. One of my favourite recipes of chicken soup is a light stew cooked with...

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Chicken Rezala: Recipe

When I say ‘Chicken Rezala’, I mean an easy, homemade and healthy version of this well-known preparation that you love to relish at your favourite eatery. I learnt this recipe from my mother. And trust...

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Chicken And Onion Pizza: Recipe

Sunday breakfasts are always special. Today I tried my hand at pizza for breakfast! Yesterday I went grocery shopping and suddenly my eyes fell on those soft pieces of circular bread called ‘pizza base’...

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Soya chunks could be a wonderful way to add variety, nutrition and taste if you wish to go vegetarian. They are high in proteins and can be cooked in different ways. And if soya chunks...

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Sundays are all about preparing special meals. Today I am going to share a one-pot meal that you may try out for a healthy and filling breakfast. This soupy noodles recipe is also going...

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Wish to cook paneer for dinner today? Obviously, you would prefer some soft buttery chunks of paneer in creamy gravy, that would be filling and, at the same time go well with rotis or...

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Wish to go green with your curries this summer? Prepare this delicious dahi bhindi or okra cooked in thick yogurt gravy. This okra recipe is extremely easy to prepare. This tasty curry is healthy...