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What’s in my Handbag? ~2015

Purses are like friends, you can’t have too many~ Quote <3 I totally agree. Hands down!! It’s a style statement and is one of my obsessions. So keeping that in mind, today I would be...

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Dimer Khichuri (Egg Khichdi): Recipe

BY SOMREETA MUKHERJEE It has been raining incessantly in Kolkata. Now, the magic of Kolkata rains is incomplete without a hot and steaming bowl of delicious khichuri. That is why, we have Dimer Khichuri...

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Lachha Seviyan Kheer Recipe

BY SOMREETA MUKHERJEE Indian kitchens seem to be incomplete without sweet dishes. That is why, it is always rewarding to try out sweet dishes like kheer, payesh, homemade mishit doi and gajar ka halwa....