How To Order Group Appetizers


Whether you are celebrating your birthday or a well-deserved promotion, a marriage anniversary or just a get-together after ages, group dining is certainly one of the best experiences of life, especially when you are in company of close friends and family members.

You could be the host, treating your family members to a sumptuous lunch or a guest enjoying an elaborate meal in the presence of close ones (or even an equal contributor/ sharer of the total bill amount while eating out with your friends); no matter what the situation is, you must keep certain tips in mind if you are in charge of ordering appetizers for all!

While order appetizers for a group, here are a few questions worth considering:

  1. Anyone With Dietary Restrictions?
    Find out if there is anyone with dietary restrictions in the group. It could be because of allergies or medical conditions. You may not be aware who has an egg or seafood allergy, who is lactose-intolerant or if anyone has intolerance to gluten. A person could be vegetarian by choice or may choose to eat vegetarian food on certain days of the week due to religious reasons. A certain member might like to avoid potato-based starters for being diabetic or red-meat based appetizers due to high blood pressure. Feel free to question. It’s better to ask than to hurt someone’s sentiment by taking things for granted.
  2. Is Everyone Comfortable With Spicy Appetizers?
    Ask everyone if they are comfortable eating spicy food. If it’s unanimously accepted and enjoyed, go ahead with it. Otherwise, choose something non-spicy or less spicy as it would safely cater to everyone’s cravings. So instead of ordering Fiery Chicken Wings Or Hot Schezwan Shrimps, try opting for a platter of Steamed Momo, Chicken Dumplings, Fish and Chips or may be some Crispy Baby Corn.
  3. Isn’t It Better To Keep Your Starters Simple?
    Keep your choice simple. Please avoid being experimental with your starters while ordering for everyone in a group. So instead of ordering Chilli Squid Salad, try ordering some Tandoori Chicken, Paneer Popcorns, Stir Fried Chilli Chicken, Cheese Balls or Dahi Kebab, because it’s safer that way.
  4. Is The Quantity Enough For Everyone?
    Be thoughtful enough to order for everyone in the group. The quantity should be sufficient for everyone to have a decent portion. If required ask for guidance regarding the portion size at the restaurant while placing the order. Everyone should be able to try every dish that you order as appetizers.
  5. Any Suggestions?
    Ask your group members to suggest some dishes of their choice, if they have anything in mind, before you place the order. If you make your decisions without asking others, it might seem impolite.


Eating out in a group is fun. Make the most of this experience by ordering food that everyone would enjoy!

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