Lunch Menu You Can Never Go Wrong With

By Somreeta Mukherjee

Bengalis are food lovers in the truest sense of the term. So a lot of time and effort go into planning a lunch that would be relished by all. However, there are times when we just can’t decide what to cook for lunch! In this post, I am going to tell you about five lunch menu ideas that you can never go wrong with. Check them out:




A traditional Bengali platter is a gourmet’s delight. Often served in Bronze utensils (Kansa r thala-bati-glass), a conventional Bengali lunch menu is elaborate with a variety of delectable vegetable curries and fish items combined with desserts like payesh, doi and mishti.  However, a basic Bengali platter is incomplete without rice, crispy potato fries with peanuts (kurkure aloo bhaja), a hearty bowl of dal, fried fish (maach bhaja), a delicious mixed vegetable curry in the form of shukto, chochchori or ghonto, fish curry in mustard sauce (maach er jhal), tomato or mango chutney and some sweet curd or mishti doi, that’s perhaps a food icon of Kolkata. Life’s good when you know you can enjoy such a lunch with your family on a Sunday or perhaps treat your guests to this kind of a simple yet flavoursome lunch menu when they pay a visit.



It’s rightly said that for Bengalis, Biryani isn’t just a’s an emotion. Life in Kolkata is unimaginable if you don’t get to taste a delicious plate of hot biryani with a delightful piece of luscious chicken, a hard-boiled egg and a huge piece of potato. The best part is that we Bengalis have devised our own way of making chicken biryani at home too! Nobody cares whether the taste is authentic or not, so long as it’s biryani with the chicken, egg and aloo in it. Trust me, when you cook your plate of biryani with some biryani masala and spread some rosewater and kewra water to add to its flavour, you can never go wrong with it.

(Check out some of the aspects you need to keep in mind while cooking homemade biryani here)



Do you know what the heart of a Bengali craves for the most when it’s time to celebrate with food? It’s a plate of hot and fluffy flat-breads and some spicy mutton curry. Umm…these English counterparts couldn’t really capture the true sentiments of a Bengali the way fulko luchi and kosha manghso does! Whether it’s a birthday lunch or a sudden longing to eat something good, you can never go wrong with luchi and mangsho.



If you thought I’m talking of authentic Chinese cuisine, you are wrong. By Chilly Chicken and Fried Rice, I mean the Bengali version of the same, which is incidentally a tastier version too! Just deep fry those pieces of chicken dipped in a batter of corn flour and egg, then cook a flavourful gravy with chopped garlic, slit  green chillies, diced onions and a combination of soya sauce, chilli sauce and tomato sauce to which you have added a dash of vinegar. Make some fried rice with some capsicum, beans, carrots or with whatever little vegetables you have in your kitchen basket. Lunch is sorted!



When life seems unfair and there isn’t much available in the kitchen shelf for cooking, egg becomes your saviour. Cook those eggs with some onions, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala and the right proportion of spices and make some sweet rice with cashews, kismis and whole spices. Pulao and Dim Kosha makes such an appetizing menu for lunch!


So what is your idea of a perfect lunch menu? Do tell us what works best for you and what is that special dish that is loved by everyone in your family! Happy lunching!

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