Best Places For Ice-Cream In Kolkata


Often our best memories are associated with a scoop of ice cream! Remember the first time you went on a date with your boyfriend? Perhaps it was drizzling and while he was busy settling the umbrella so that you wouldn’t get drenched, you were actively juggling the chocolate ice cream cones that were handed over to you by the ice-cream seller.

Or try recalling those secret late-night movie sessions with your sibling while your parents were fast asleep? I’m sure the movies were accompanied by those nudges and pokes over a tub of butterscotch ice-cream, fighting for an extra scoop! Take a trip down the memory lane and you will recollect many such beautiful moments that happened over a scoop of ice cream.

So this post is a tribute to all those happy memories. Looking for the best places for ice-cream in Kolkata? Here they are!

Best Places For Ice-Cream In Kolkata


A legendary outlet in the New Market area, this place is well-known for their ice-creams and sundaes. Whether it’s Tutti Fruity or Puppy Love, you get a glass of delectable ice-cream with a cherry on top. Want something chocolatey? Try their Oreo Cookie Sundae or Dark Temptation! If you have nothing to do with exclusive chocolate flavour and yet wish to try an elaborate sundae affair, try Banana Splitz or Pink Affair. Worrying about the pocket pinch? It’s anything between 180/- to 250/- for a huge tumbler of ice cream.  And if you wish to keep it short and sweet, opt for a scoop of Kesar Pista, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Cheese Cake or Mississipi Mud- you are sorted! So many exotic flavours, and that too priced approximately at Rs 80 only.



Some of the best known dishes ordered in this Ballygunge location, happen to be Honey Nut Crunch, Banana Caramel and Brownie. Have you tried any of them? If you want to go for Timeless flavours, you can go for Alphonso Mango, Dutch Chocolate or Roasted Californian Almond. For Divine flavours, choose to slurp Michigan Blues, Hop Scotch Butterscotch, Malted Chocolate Fudge or Gold Medal Ribbon. Wish to try out Sundaes? Banana Royale or Nutty Professor would be great among many more! And the best part is that you could even celebrate your birthday or anniversary with their ice cream cakes! Priced at Rs 599 for 500g, you can have Blueberry Cheesecake, red Velvet Fantasy or even Black Forest. There are many outlets of Baskin Robbins and you are free to walk into any of them and taste their ice-creamy bliss!



With hundreds of options available, you will literally be confused which one to try out first! Fresh fruit flavours, Indian flavours, Spice flavours, Sundaes, Super Premium flavours, Exotic flavours and then Regular flavours with a difference- you have endless flavours available. With Sorbets and even sugar-free varieties of ice-creams, this place is a paradise for ice-cream lovers. You just have for name a flavour and they have it in the form of ice cream. Himsagar mango or Sitaphal, Aniseed or Black Sesame, Thandai or Paan, Caramel Crunch or Banana Toffee, Orange Vanilla or Toasted Almond- you will practically be lost in a crowd of flavours! Average price is between 59/- for a scoop to 350/- for 500ml packs. Premium varieties are a bit pricey at Rs 450/- for 500 ml.



If you want to give free rein to your creativity, nothing can be as satisfying as creating your own flavours and seeing your ice cream being mixed right in front of your eyes at Cream and Fudge. It’s mesmerizing to see the ice cream mixing process on a slab of ice. With ice cream cakes, ice-cream waffles, ice cream shakes, ice cream floats and different flavoured scoops served in delicious waffle cones and edible waffle bowls, each flavour gets a different dimension altogether- be it Litchi or Cookie Dough, Apple Crumble or Rocky Road. Pocket pinch is anything between 65/- to 250/-. The ice cream cakes, like Coffee & Cookie Dough,  Strawberry & Banana, Chocolate Strawberry Fantasy and Butterscotch Blast, however are costlier than the rest and are available at Rs 600/- each.


Still wondering where to go for ice-creams? I’m sure your search ends here. I’ll soon be compiling another post on the best restaurants that offer great ice creams too (apart from these three places known best for their ice-creams). Happy slurping!


P.S. While compiling this post, I have referred to for the menu and reviews
The pictures are clicked my friends- Ms Bartika Dutta and Ms Anindita Chowdhury, one of the images is clicked by me

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