Easy Ways To Increase Calcium Intake Naturally


It is important to have your share of calcium on a regular basis because it is crucial to your bone health. For healthy teeth and bones, you must include food items that will help you get calcium naturally, without having to rely on medicines and supplements. In this post, check out how you can easily increase calcium intake naturally.


While it’s easy to hunt for a list of food items rich in calcium, finding ideas to integrate those food items in your meal to cater to your taste buds may not be that simple. So here is a post that will help you include food items rich in calcium in your daily diet, but in a delicious way:

  • DAIRY PRODUCTS: Yoghurt and milk must be a part of your regular eating habit. If the names are boring, turn them into smoothies and shakes and slurp! Season your drinks with a handful of broken almonds as almonds are rich in calcium. Having milk-based custard with a generous topping of sesame seeds or eating a delicious slice of cheese once in a while is good for your bones and teeth. Cheese is made of milk and milk is high in calcium. Mozzarella, Brie, Feta and Cheddar- all these delicious varieties are a powerhouse of calcium. For a healthier variety, opt for cheese made of skim milk.
  • LEAFY GREEN: For a healthy snack, gorge on a bowl of salads made of boiled broccoli, spinach,  kale and bok choy. Add your favourite herbs and a dash of lemon juice, salt and black pepper. Can you think of anything more delicious and healthy at the same time?
  • TOFU: If you love palak paneer, you will love palak tofu as well! Those chunks of tofu coated with luscious green spinach gravy are a treat to the taste-buds as well as the bones. Both tofu and spinach are high on calcium. Trust me, I tried this recipe with some organic tofu (I used Murginns Soy Tofu) and it was equally tasty.
  • BEANS AND LENTILS: Try making curries and other recipes with chick-pea or white beans, even red beans; these are rich in calcium. Do you still need an excuse to gorge on that bowl of delectable and spicy chana masala? Or may be the good old flavourful Rajma-Chawal?



  • Refrain from having too much of soft drinks and caffeine as they don’t allow calcium to be absorbed.
  • If you are lactose intolerant, opt for soy milk and lactose-free yoghurt.
  • Try eating a handful of almonds and Brazilian Nuts for a calcium-rich snack
  • Remember that around 1,000 mg is recommended per day. So having 3 to 4 servings of calcium-rich food items in a day will give you enough calcium.
  • Vitamin D will help your body utilize calcium to the optimum level, so it is important to have your share of vitamin D as well.
  • If you are a non vegetarian, try including fish.
  • Slather some scrumptious and creamy almond butter on your toast to add a dash of calcium to your carbs.


P.S. I am not a food expert. This is a research article.

Disclaimer: This post is a culmination of my reading of articles and excerpts on how to eat healthy. Ideas and opinions expressed in this post are entirely subjective and may not be relevant for certain underlying health conditions. In case you have chronic health conditions, please get in touch with a physician or dietitian for a diet to suit your purpose.

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