Easy Ice Cubes Treatment For Face


Summer in Kolkata is hot and humid and that’s why, I have come with this easy beauty post that will not only help in hassle-free skincare but will also offer some relief on a sultry summer day! Check out some of the single-ingredient ice cube recipes for your skin:


Pour plain raw milk into ice tray and freeze in order to get those white shiny cubes of milk. Take a cube and apply on face and neck till it melts. Milk ice cubes are effective in soothing tired skin and they also impart a subtle glow to skin. Lactic acid contained in milk helps exfoliate and remove dead cells from the skin. Wait for about 10 minutes and then wash off your face.


Additional tip: Stir in a pinch of turmeric into the milk before you freeze. This will help in attaining radiant skin naturally. Another alternative is to mix some dark chocolate powder with the milk, especially if you have dry and dull skin. Dark chocolate imparts a delicious aroma to the cubes (you wouldn’t know whether to rub the cubes on face or pop one into your mouth!) and its antioxidants also help prevent premature aging of skin.



Do you have some aloe vera plants growing in your garden? Use them to make this amazing skin care recipe with freshly extracted gel! Pour aloe vera gel into an ice tray and let it freeze. Rub a cube on your face for a refreshing experience. In case you don’t know the benefits of rubbing aloe vera ice cubes on face, let me tell you- it helps remove dark patches, soothe sun burns and cleans the face after a tiring day at work.


Additional tip: Mix rose water with the aloe vera gel while pouring the same onto the ice tray. Actually scraping aloe vera gel from the leaves can be tiring and messy affair. So if you choose the mix rose water in 1:1 ratio, you save some time and effort. Moreover, the heavenly aroma of rose petals is invigorating and rosewater is beneficial for the skin. It acts as a natural toner.



Summer is the season of watermelons and if you have ever tasted watermelon sherbet or smoothie, you know how refreshing it is! Why not extend the revitalizing effect of watermelon to your skin in the form of watermelon ice cubes? Just crush some watermelon slices to extract the juice and pour watermelon juice into the ice tray. Freeze and use watermelon ice cube on face. It helps hydrate the skin and add glow as well.


Additional tip: Adding crushed mint leaves to the watermelon juice is a wonderful way to enhance the soothing effect!



  • Wash your face with water before you rub ice cubes. Ensure all traces of makeup are removed. Ice therapy works best on clean skin.
  • Do not go overboard with ice treatment. Wrap your ice cube in a piece of fine cotton cloth and use it on face, try not to use the cubes directly on skin. You shouldn’t use ice therapy multiple times on a regular basis.
  • While you rub those cubes on face, be gentle. Use circular motions.
  • Your ice treatment shouldn’t be too long drawn, try to wind up the procedure within 10 minutes.


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