Owndays: The One Stop Destination For All Your Eyewear Needs.

When my ophthalmologist first told me that i will have to wear spects,i dreaded that i wont be able to look stylish anymore.But growing up i realised a good pair of glasses not only makes you look intellectual but also adds on to your style quotient acting as a super fashinable accesory.

Having to wear glasses from high school days,i have always made it a point that my spectacles look trendy and always compliment my outfit.

And i couldn’t be any happier when Owndays came to Kolkata.Located in South city mall,Owndays is a Japanese brand which has more than 1500 styles to choose from and what is more unique about the brand is they deliver you your spects ready with your numbered lenses in just 20 minutes.

At owndays there is something for everyone ,to funky neon frames to more simple and intellectual ones.The entire process of getting your new spectacles is super smooth at owndays,starting from a free eye check up,selecting your desired frame and finally getting it all ready in 20 minutes,there is nothing better you could have asked for.

I selected a quirky yet classy aviator frame which would go wonderfully with my vibe.And since the summers are here getting a cool pair of shades was also a must to look all cool and stylish this summer.

The frames at Owndays range from Rs 2990-10090(including the lens).So be sure to take a look at Owndays for all your specatcle needs.

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