The Essence Of Pujo: Ft Nakshi

Pujo,the word itself lights up our face and brings back so many happy memories.Durga pujo is not only the biggest festival in the city but it is an emotion.From the plans we make throughout the year,the shopping,the adda ,pujo is definitely synonymous to utmost joy for most of us.

From those childhood days when the last day of school before the puja vacation was what we looked forward to ,the moment the last bell rang we all used to scream in joy and run out of the class.Reaching home the first thing i did was to pack up all my books and place them in the top most shelves.(without ma scolding me).Pujo is here ,so no studies for a week.

I have some of the best memories with my parents from those childhood pujo days.Ma used to take utmost care and try pick up the best outfits for me and made sure i pose for her yashica camera every single day before stepping out of the house.My father on the other hand was highly enthusiastic about pandal hopping and would meticulously plan on which pandals i should be seeing that year.Time flew by and i grew up ,pujo outings with parents everyday replaced slightly with friends but the essence of pujo is still the same.The pujo shopping with maa and trying my  bargaining skills with friends while picking up the best of jewellery from Gariahat market.


The first day of pujo and probably the most energetic one.This is the day when most plans are made.Pandal hopping should be done to the fullest on this day.From taking the bus, metro or simply by walking ,shoshti is always meant for the perfect pandal hopping.And being comfortable is the key.A bright green kurta like this one from Nakshi is a wonderful option,it is cheerful yet very comfortable perfect to run around the city,to push the crowd for the best glimpse of the “durga protima” and to take a break in between all the madness and sit down by a road side tea stall for a short and quick tea date.



My inner “bangali” starts coming out by saptami and this day is usually spent with my parents.Eating some authentic bengali food and visiting some of the less crowded pandals with Maa and Baba.Saptami is perfect to take out a beautiful saree and click the perfect  pictures with the parents.This saree with “haat pakha” embroided in it screams festive and is the perfect to bring out the feel of durga pujo.Maa would also take out her pair of beautiful golden jhumko and insist me to wear it,thus completing the entire look.



Ashtami ,probably the most important day.From waking up early morning to get ready for the “pushpanjoli” to carefully plan with all our friends on the color of saree each one us would wear for the day,ashtami has always been the fondest of the four days of durga pujo .Not to forget the “khichudi and aloor dom” for lunch which can not be missed.The ashtami mornings as a kid when Maa used to lovingly make me ready by draping her favourite saree ,putting on bangles and tikli and a small bindi to end with (and also insist on changing into a more comfortable outfit after pushpanjoli so that i can play freely with my para friends). And now as me and my best friend ,Sarbani plan on the entire ashatami look from months before,the most gorgeous saree and”sabeki goyna”(traditional jewellery) those memories bring back the biggest smile on my face. This gorgeous purple silk saree from Nakshi is the best saree for ashtami.Royal,elegant and festive.



Pujo is almost over and we start sulking.One more year to wait,thus every minute of nabami is utilised to maximum.From meeting old friends to making new.To try and visit all the pandals we missed seeing and also hogging on some “phuchka” , “ghugni” and icecream. Not to forget the customary “adda” at maddox square.My nabami look is simple and very classy.A intricately embroided kantha stich kurta with a pair of retro sunglasses is ideal to experience as much joy and happiness we can until we wait for one whole year for pujo.



In Frame- Kinkinee & Sarbani

Photography- Debangan


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