Own Your Temptation With Secret Temptation Desire.

From my early childhood i always wanted to do something out of the box.I had thousands of dreams and i wanted to acheive all.As a school going kid i was interested in a lot of extra curricular activities and enjoyed most of them.From playing the badminton to roller skating and also to full fledgedly take dance and music lessons.Doing multiple things with confidence requires a lot of courage and to me courage and confidence is how i own my temptation.

Secret temptation from the house of McNRoe belives in the virtues of life and that is the inspiration behind their fragrances.They believe in you and emphasises on the fact that you are capable of much more than you know of.You are capable to shine,own and rule the world.Their fragrances make you confident and inspire you to acheive your dreams.

Secret temptation has launched their lates fragrance #Desire ~ Turkish Rose which majorly has floral notes to it but leaves an impact.The scent is an harmony of Turkish roses,floral geranium, and lingering musk.

I am my own woman and a scent like Desire is what i reach out to,sweet,classy and impactful.Being a full time doctor by profession and a lifestyle blogger and musician by passion it takes me a lot of courage to go ahead and maintain my careers in the best possible way and Desire to me is courage in a bottle.The sweet notes of a thousand roses makes me happy and content and the lingering musk gives me the confidence to rule.

You yourself is capable of a lot more than you can imagine.Life is filled with hardships and you need to embrace it with grace.

Be your best self.Love yourself.Be kind and have courage. Own you failures,victories,quirks,laughters and happiness.Own your temptation.

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