Its Raining Ramen At The Fatty Bao.

The rains and a hot bowl of ramen.What better combination can you ask for this monsoon?And The Fatty Bao is offering just the same.It is raining ramen at The Fatty Bao and they have a wide selection of ramen to choose from.

What could be more comforting that enjoying a hot steaming bowl of soupy noodles this season and at The Fatty Bao you can experience just the same,a bowl full of goodness.

The monsoon special ‘Raining Ramen – ramen and soupy noodles menu created by Executive Chef Prashanth, celebrates both unusual and interesting flavour combinations of soupy noodle from across the Asia region – the perfect antidote to counter the monsoon chill!Asian Soupy Noodles and Ramens have a huge fan following across the world. There’s something about these dishes that satisfies every craving with their rich, aromatic broth, combination of toppings and different noodles,makingthemalmost addictiveand especially so in the rainy season.

We tried all the vairants available at The Fatty Bao and each one of them are distinctly different from one another.The broth ,noodles,toppings ,spices ,all are different in each variant giving them their own identity.

We tried the Kamonegi Ramen ,( a delicious combination of grilled duck breast, scallion, leeks, citrus ponzu and duck broth, baby bok choy, shichimi.), Spicy Crab Gyoza and Miso Butter Ramen,(a hearty offering of smoked tomato and shellfish broth, miso butter, crispy shallots and lime with spicy crab gyoza.) ,Pork PaitanRamen,(a multi-layered story of rich chicken and pork broth, spicy minced pork, roasted pork belly, bamboo shoot pickle, Kombu, marinated egg and soba noodles. ) ,Northern Thai KhaoSoi Noodles and Chicken, (bringing alive the many flavours of rich creamy curry paste, coconut milk, crispy fried noodles, egg noodles, lime, chili oil, shallots and fried chicken in bang-bang sauce). My personaly favourite was the crab gypza and the Thai khaosai .The crab gyoza is extemely unique in its flavours and can’t be missed where as the Khaosoi is a bowl of comfort food which is perfect in this weather.


There is also some delightful options for vegeterians : the Vegetable Mixian (prepared with a wonderful vegetable broth, spiced tofu, lotus chips, baby bok choy, bean sprouts, sweet and spicy miso bean sauce and scallion.For those willing to experiment ) and the Green Tea Ramen (a fragrant vegetable and green tea broth with vegetables, scallion, ginger, crispy garlic, roasted tomatoes).

class=”m_8168158662925823631m_5525868344568489622m_-4936478806627896531m_-6011056571540151001m_-4630162887039595090gmail-MsoNoSpacing”>The fatty bao is extremely proud to host this month long festival and we are equally happy.Some alone time watching the kolkata rains,the cloudy sky,the chill in the air and a hot bowl of ramen at your table,you can not ask for a better combination this monsoon.

What- Raining Ramen

Where- The Fatty Bao

when- 20th June – 20th July

Wallet Factor-

Vegetarian Ramen/ Soupy Noodles: from INR 395 + taxes onwards

Non-Vegetarian Ramen/ Soupy Noodles: INR  425 + taxes onwards

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