Leh-Ladakh Trip Packing Essentials


Leh-Ladakh trip is a dream trip for many. But the extreme weather conditions often make it difficult for the enthusiastic visitors to put up with the challenges. Even as you fork out a hefty amount to plan your trip, the path might not be smooth. You have to keep in mind that you can reach the most beautiful destinations only after you have trodden the toughest roads. Braving the low levels of oxygen, high altitude, breathing problems, cracked skin, and dizziness, scorching heat in the noon time, dry weather and even dust-storms is very much a part of your trip. It offers you the luxury of seeing ice capped mountains that surround you on all sides, together with vast stretches of sands that reach the distant horizons. So, visit Ladakh when you are still young and fit, and trust me, the mesmerizing terrains would appear so alluring that you would feel like visiting this place again and again.

Planning to visit Leh-Ladakh? While light cotton clothes should go hand in hand with heavy sweaters and jackets, there is a host of other things too that you would need during your journey. Let not your ignorance (as far as packing is concerned) ruin your enjoyment and appreciation of this spectacular place. My dear ladies, here is a list of essential things that you must not forget to put in your hand-bag:

  • WET WIPES: Facial wipes are refreshing and at the same time, it will help you in times when you would be travelling for many hours without a public toilet in sight. Yes! The terrains are dry, desolate and rough and you must keep some wet wipes handy. I carried a pack of Kara hydrating wet wipes as I find them quite refreshing.
  • SUNSCREEN LOTION: The higher the SPF, the better for you. While at night the temperature drops to minus, the days are long and the sun is scorching. In fact, sun sets well after 7.30 p.m. and you have to put up with the constant heat of sun while you are enjoying sightseeing. So, if you want to keep sun tan and damaged skin away, try to slather sunscreen lotion as much as you can before you step out in the sun. Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block-SPF 50+ worked wonders for me.
  • UNDERWEAR: Water is available in plenty but most of the hotels would restrict you from washing clothes. So, carry enough underwear. My advice would be- before you pack your luggage, calculate the number of days you would be spending there and carry your underwear accordingly.
  • MEDICINES: Before you undertake your trip to Ladakh, visit your house physician and ask for medicines that would help you treat dizziness, fever, headache, breathing problems, nose bleeding, cough and cold that you might have to put up with as a result of high altitude and dry weather. Also keep sanitary napkins handy. I carried the homeopathy medicine Coca 30 that helps deal with headache in high altitudes and shortness of breath. Some of the other medicines I carried were Zofer 4MG to prevent nausea, Diamox for Acute Mountain Illness, deriphyllin, Aspirin, Paracetamol, Antacids, Otrivin Nasal Sprayand Volini Spray. I also carried a small pack of camphor and inhaling the freshness of camphor helped soothe the breathing trouble and nausea that I faced at times.
  • HYDRATING FORMULA: Weather is very dry and so, you must carry a tub of heavy moisturizing cream that would help you repair cracked skin. Make sure you also have lip balm, cleansing milk, cotton balls, hydrating body lotion and foot cream with you because these are some of the things that your skin would crave for at bedtime.
  • HAIR VITALIZER: While taking a bath and using shampoo is very important, there will be times when the weather would not be favourable or you may be have to leave so early for sightseeing that you couldn’t manage getting hot water even after the hotel people promised you. Hair vitalizers are your ultimate saviour during those times. Carry a non-greasy formula that would nourish your hair and scalp and it would also impart a revitalizing effect.


Leh-Ladakh is a beautiful place and words are often rendered insufficient while describing its beauty. You need to be there to experience the magnificence of Ladakh. Don’t forget to share your views and tips about visiting this place and also the packing essentials.

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Article by Somreeta Mukherjee

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