Mango Mela At The Westin Kolkata

Coming from a Bengali household mangoes were one of the exotic things to us during summers.Summers meant mangoes and the house eventually getting filled with different varieties of them.As a child ,during the hotter months it was a daily routine for me to come back home after a good game of cricket, football or even hide and seek with my friends and see a huge bowl of freshly cut mangoes waiting for me.Those were the little pleasures of life.Just like me most of us love mangoes and to celebrate that love The Westin Kolkata is hosting a week long festival “Mango Mela” where all you would see are mangoes.

This month, Seasonal Tastes will be the one and only stop for all things mango- featuring the best and juiciest
Mango varieties from our very own Bengal, such as ‘Gulabkhas’, ‘Dilkhush’, ‘Amrapali’, ‘Langra’, ‘Fazli’,
‘Himsagar’, ‘Laxmanbhog’ & ‘Mallika’. Indulge in an array of mango delicacies, from the simplest to gourmet
varieties, handpicked by our award-winning chef, for each guest to devour.

We were invited to have a special preview of the experimental dishes ,all with mangoes and we thoroughly enjoyed it.We started our meal with the  Prosciutto De Parma With Fresh Mango, Mozzarella And Balsamic Vinegar,which was an off beat combination of semi sweet mangoes ,buffalo cheese and prosciutto.The three combination was totally unique to the palatte and something we had never tasted before.Next came the Chilled Mango Cappuccino with Coconut Foam.Now it was time for the main course and we were excited to see what chef had in store for us.We tried the Paneer Panchmanga Curry, Aam Gosth ka Quorma, Grilled Prawn with Mango Chilli Salsa and Aam Rasam.The Gosth quorma was tangy spicy yet extremely light and is perfect to go with some fresh rotis or naan.Now the Aam Rasam is what I absolutely loved.The freshness of the hot bowl of rasam with some tangy yet subtle flavours will definitely make you want to have more and more of it and I couldn’t help but have a second helping.

After such a satisfying meal all we wanted was a nice dessert and we were served the Fresh Mango Tart.A crispy tart base with some freshly cut mangoes on the top it was a perfect end to our perfect mango dinner.

The mango mela is happening at Seasonal Tastes,The Westin from the 18th to the 27th of May at Lunch,Brunch and Dinner where there is huge display of dishes made with mangoes.There is also a live counter where you can choose your own mango and ask the chef to make something special for you.It doesn’t stop here, you can also make your own Aam panna or mango smoothie according to your own preference.

Additionally, a section ‘Learn the Chef’s Sutra’ will be set up, where
guests can learn the chef’s secret recipes directly from him on the condition that the guest too share their secret recipe with him ,Each one teaches one! A dinner voucher for two will be up for grabs for the best recipe selected by the chef.Nothing can possibly get better than this.So to experience the mango madness you have to be at The Westin and try out some completely different and delicious dishes specially curated for you.


For Reservations: 033 4037 1234
Dates: 18th – 27

th May 2018

Timing: Lunch & Brunch: 12:30 – 3:00 pm; Dinner: 7:00 – 11:00 pm


Lunch – INR 999 plus applicable taxes
Dinner – INR 1199 plus applicable taxes;
Brunch (Sunday only) – INR 1399 plus applicable taxes

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