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We can only be happy when our mind and heart is at peace.But in the busy lifestyle and stressful routine we often forget to take care of ourselves and fail to keep mental peace.At times we are lost and look for help to lead a better and peaceful life.Meenakshii is someone who helps us exactly in that.

Meenakshii, has always felt an urge to help people from her teenage years. She has unfailingly perceived that quest of knowledge, distinct power & outlook within herself from the very beginning. She did her doctorate in Mythology & Occultism with specialization in Para Pschycology, Soul Science & Ancient Gods & hand-picked the sphere where she can utilize her skill & knowledge to bring back positivity & plenitude in common people’s lives. She founded Folklore where she helps people suffering from financial & health problems. Each case being handled by Meenakshii becomes a case study for her. She has dealt more than 500 cases within Kolkata & more than 1000 cases considering all over the World.

In all the hustle and bustle of life as we grow older we slowly get detached from our inner self,lose confidence ,face crisis and evetually lose hope.But little do we know that we individuals are capable to draw all positive energies from the nature and and fight all the negativities within and around us.Meenakshii wants everybody to realise that and with her experience and guidance she helps people around her solve finacial and other family problems.Through proper counselling in Folklore she identifies the issue and accordingly she suggests remedies taking care of one’s financial situation. Mostly she initiates the procedure by cleansing one’s living place, making it consecrated using few ancient ways followed by different material suggestion as per the root cause of the problem.


Meenakshii ,being an experienced para psychologist and occultist has come up with the concept of “Fusion Homes”. 

A lot of time we move into a new place but can never be in sync with it.We dont be at peace in the place and mishaps seem to happen more ,that is mainly because too much anger rage and negativity might have blocked the positive energy in the house and created an imbalance.That is where “Fusion homes” come into play.Meenakshii has come up with the motto of helping people by educating them with the basic and simple science to make their house a proper peaceful home. According to her, we need to change our mental set up andideology which is diluting our focus and then still if it won’t work, we need to consecrate our place of living to bring back balance in our lives.
Meenakshii prefers to use very ancient, old scriptures in Fusion Homes. She initially starts with incorporation of tailor-made elements in specific positions of a house which blocks negative energies & attract positive energies, followed by other procedures. But if anyone would not prefer or afford the complete renovation she helps them accordingly by cleansing the ambience or putting few elemental stuffs as per their allowance. So, basically they are adding old stuffs in an existing modern sculpture of a house, hence named as ‘Fusion Homes.’


She can be contacted by families to help them revover from their health and financial problems.Meenakshii is always ready to spread her knowledge in the right way and educate people to lead a more healthy,positive and happy life.

If you need her assistance you can connevt with her at Folklore:~


40/1, Prince Anwar Shah Rd,2ND Floor
Kolkata: 700033

PH- 8017733333
033 42220007
033 65004800

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