VLCC Gold Facial Kit: Review


Since I prefer investing in DIY facial kits because they are cost effective and can be used as per convenience, recently I lay my hands on the VLCC Gold Facial Kit that claims to contain traces of 24-carat pure gold and impart radiance to skin. Today I would like to review this product in this post. Keep reading:


The Gold kit contains 6 sachets of the following:

  1. Cleanser cum Toner– This creamy white pre-facial cleanser and toner is common for quite a few kits (like Diamond facial kit and Silver Facial Kit) that I have already used previously. The comfrey cleanser with aloe vera comes in a sachet that has a screw cap and hence storage of leftover product is easy. It can be used multiple times, and not just for one facial session. An average cleanser that cleans superficial impurities, personally, I would have preferred a cleansing lotion designed especially for this particular kit and not a general one.
  2. Gold Scrub– A rather mild scrub for face, this gold scrub with Turmeric and Gold leaf extracts is gentle on the skin and has soft exfoliating particles contained in it.

    Squeeze out the desired quantity on finger tips and massage on wet face for 5 minutes. After scrubbing, it has to be washed off with water. It can used easily for 2 sessions, even when used liberally on skin.
  3. Gold Gel- Gold gel with Galnut and Gold Leaf, is a transparent soothing gel which helps nourish skin and impart a calming sensation.

    This gel is perfect for a facial massage, especially because my skin is oily and I love anything gel-based. I loved it a lot, especially because it felt luxurious.
  4. Gold Cream– Once the gel is absorbed by the skin after massaging for about 10 minutes, it is time for cream massage. This cream with Wheatgerm and Gold Oxide is soft and smooth in texture. It spreads evenly on face and works wonderfully during the massage.

    It imparts a soft glow to the face and keeps it well hydrated. Although my skin is oily, skin felt perfectly at ease.
  5. Gold Peel-off Mask- This heavy orange-coloured peel off mask is enriched with lemon peel and Gold Oxide. It has consistency like that of honey and spreads all over the face so smoothly, without dripping. Once applied, you have to wait till it dries completely.

    It is not to be touched in the meantime. The peel off mask can be peeled off so well, it does not have to be poked and pinched and yet it comes off efficiently. I loved this mask.
  6. Post facial Moisturizing Gel- This gel is also common for most of the facial kits that I have used. It is meant to protect and nourish the skin and also offer sun guard.


  • Affordable at Rs 250 for 60 g (10g X 6 sachets)
  • Long shelf life of 3 years
  • Can be used for 2 sessions if used economically although meant for one facial session
  • Imparts glow to skin
  • Suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin
  • Key ingredients and steps are clearly mentioned
  • Skin looks radiant



  • Storage of leftover product is difficult



An excellent DIY gold facial kit, it certainly lets you pamper yourself in the comfort of your home and get glowing skin. Rating would be 4.5 out of 5.


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Review by Somreeta Mukherjee

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