How To Dress Up For Summer


Summer is already here in Kolkata and summer in Kolkata is marked by the scorching heat of the sun and too much of humidity. However, there is no reason to feel that you cannot dress up smartly and look stylish in the summer season. It is time for you to bring about a few necessary changes in your wardrobe and make it summer friendly. Check out some easy tips on how to dress up in summer!


  • Pastel Shades:
    Opt for outfits in pastel shades and neutrals. Gray, ivory and blush look stylish and certainly make you feel cool on a sultry summer day.
  • Floral Patterns:
    Floral designs are much in vogue during summer season. Those huge flowers in pink and orange and blue on a white base look not only bright and beautiful but are also modish at the same time! Skirts and dresses in floral patterns are to die for!
  • Loose Fitting Airy Garments:
    Well, summer time is marked by sweltering heat and dripping sweat. Choose a white crisp oversized shirt or a gathered dress for that airy feeling.
  • Choose Cotton:
    There is nothing more comfortable than cotton clothes in summer days. If you have had enough of that casual cotton shift dress, look different in a soft cotton saree.
  • Sleeve In Day And Sleeveless In The Evening:
    Wear sleeves in light layers in the day time while going to the office as the heat is too much and the sun tan is difficult to remove. Go sleeveless while attending the evening summer party!



  • Since summer outfits are toned down in terms of shade, add vibrant colours to your life with a bag, scarf, shoes or belt in bright hues.
  • Don’t be afraid to don your sunglasses! Experiment with shapes and colours and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Wear white and aim at having one set of every possible clothing in white- white shirt to go well with denims, white salwar suit to be matched with a dupatta in phulkari stitches, a white Kerala cotton saree and even a white airy knit dress.


Article by Somreeta Mukherjee

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