All About Using Clay For Washing Hair


Using clay to wash your hair is a good way to break free from chemicals contained in shampoos. After all, the chemicals contained in shampoos tend to damage your hair. Clay, when used for washing your hair, helps cleanse your hair and detoxify hair naturally. It has therapeutic properties that help heal hair problems and it is full of nutrients that promote hair health. Wish to know more about using clay for washing your hair? Read on!

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  • KAOLIN CLAY: This clay is a gentle exfoliant but extremely adsorbent in nature. An effective clay to wash oily scalp and hair, it not only helps do away with toxins, but also imparts shine and strength to hair. With the lowest pH level, Kaolin Clay is suitable for use on sensitive skin too. It improves hair elasticity, stimulates blood circulation and repairs hair damages.
  • RHASSOUL CLAY: Rich in minerals and adsorbent properties, this reddish brown cosmetic clay helps reduce dryness of hair, treat scalp problems and remove build-up. It is also known as ‘Red Moroccan Clay’ or ‘ghassoul clay’. It purifies hair like never before! The best part is that it blends well with water and hence, makes a smooth paste. Use it on hair and scalp for treating dryness, dandruff and removing surface oil. It helps detangle hair and soften hair curls.
  • BENTONITE CLAY: This clay formed as a result of volcanic activities is rich in minerals like iron, potassium, calcium and silica. It is highly potent in drawing toxins and impurities out of hair. It helps detoxify hair and impart shine too. It is a perfect choice for hair cleansing and hair detoxification.
  • FULLER’S EARTH OR MULTANI MITTI: This kind of clay is widely available for beauty applications. It works wonders for all hair types.


Just add enough water to the required amount of clay (preferably in a non-metallic bowl) to make a smooth paste. Ensure there are no lumps present. Apply on wet hair and massage. Wait for a few minutes and wash off thoroughly with plenty of water. Follow up with apple cider vinegar rinse.


Transition to use of clay isn’t an easy one, especially because we are so very dependent on the use of commercial shampoos. However, once you make up your mind to go natural, there is nothing that can stop you! Just give some time to your hair to get used to this change and soon, you will see a positive response. After all, anything natural has a beauty of its own!


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