Travel To The City Of Dream:Mumbai

Mumbai: the city which never sleeps ,where people go to chase their dreams.Mumbai is a beauty on its own and is one of the major tourist attraction.Not only is Mumbai fun for its own attractions but also is the perfect place from where you can plan various mini get aways.

Reaching the city of dreams is no big deal ,you can book yourself a flight ticket and reach Mumbai.Various airlines like Jet airways offers a pocket friendly option for travelling to the city.

Three places to visit during weekends from Mumbai:


Located in Lonavla,a few hours drive from Mumbai Amby valley is the perfect place for a luxurious vacation with your family and friends.This enormous property is ideal to unwind after a hectic week.With modern amenities this place is Indias first planned valley.If you are someone who loves basking luxury amidst nature then amby valley is a must visit.


Located at a distance of 93kms from Mumbai,Alibaug is beautiful place to spend a weekend.With beautiful resorts and cottages right next to the seashore ,Alibaug has its own charm.With various temples,fort and the quaint beaches ,this place is ideal for a peaceful vacation.


Now this is probably the most fun get away from Mumbai.With christmas and new year just around the corner,Goa is the hub for parties.And if you are party freak you need to visit Goa during this season.From tourists all around the world ,Goa is ideal for beach parties or even speding quality time with you loved one at a quaint shack over good music and delicious Goanese cuisine.



Shirdi is the place if you want a religious getaway.Located at a distance of 100kms from Nashik this place is bustling pilgrimage centre associated with “sai baba”.You can book yourself a jet airways flight to Mumbai and then drive to Shirdi for a peaceful and religious weekend.


Mahabaleshwar is probably one of the prettiest place in Maharashtra.This is the place to unwind amidst nature.You can soak in the beauty of hills,serene lakes and also treat your taste buds to authentic Maharashtrian cuisine.Mahabaleshwar is the place to spend some quality time with your loved ones enjoying the charming view.


Now this option is for people who wants to try something different,adventourous and exciting.Located neae Pune,Pawna lake is an artificial lake ideal for camping.You can enjoy your stay at a tent beside the lake and take a dip in the lake or enjoy a bonfire night with your friends strumming the guitar,singing medleys and enjoy a barbeque.


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