Tupperware My Lunch Box

Tupperware has always been all our mother’s favourite when it comes to packing food for us.From school tiffins to office lunches tupperware has always been a part of our lives.And our favourite brand has come up with a brand new product which is going to make your life even more easier.

Tupperware has come up with My Lunch Box which is the first ever liquid tight seal inner container.There have been so many times i have dreaded to carry the gravy items or chutneys in my lunch box.But this completely air tight container makes that possible and lets you carry your favourite gravies,chutneys and curries with you.The box is designed wisely with tabs for easy opening and prevent spilling while you open your lunch box.When it comes to food safety and material of the product ,Tupperware has always maintained it with utmost care.Made with virgin plastic and colours the tupperware My Lunch box keeps your food really safe.This box is light weight and sleek which will easily fit in your bags.I still remember how stylish and exclusive carrying a tupperware to school would feel as kids.Ands thats what my lunch box is stylish,compact and extremely useful.

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