Christmas Cake Mixing At The Lalit Great Eastern

For me Christmas is all about gifts,Christmas Carols,decorating your christmas tree and most importantly Christmas Cake.From my early childhood days Christmas was the time when my father made sure that i have the best Christmas cakes from the best bakeries of Kolkata.

The Lalit Great Eastern had its Christmas cake mixing with friends and family  in presence of eminent personalities like Bratya Basu and Goutam Ghosh and we all had a great evening taking part in the ritual.The Bakery at Lalit Great Eastern has its own charm and is always the talk of the town when it comes to Christmas cake and other bakery items.And as a tradition the christmas cake mixing at Lalit is something that many of us look up to.

The age old ceremony of cake mixing starts a few months before Christmas and the winter festivities and is considered to be an usher for good tidings and happiness. Ingredients like plums, cherries, sweet ginger, raisins, black currant, orange peel etc. are mixed along with different kinds of liquor and are stored until Christmas and develop a fragrant aroma and taste. On Christmas, this mixture is then blended with cake batter to fresh Christmas cakes.

The Bakery at Lalit hosted its christmas cake mixing with all its glory.We all had our chefs apron and cap on and together joined in the mixing and all the merry making.The Christmas cake will be available at The Bakery from the 12th of December and we all are eagerly waiting.The Lalit Great Eastern believes in celebrating Christmas with everyone,from all religion and various strata of the society.Because Christmas is all about coming together irrespective of cast and creed and join in the celebrations together.And to celebrate that they had also invited few special children to take part in the cake mixing and their smile and happiness made the event even more special.

The Lalit Great Eastern also arranged for a High Tea after the cake mixing which was definitely a treat to the eye.From Fish and Chips to Sheperd pie to all the sweet treats,the evening did end on a happy and sweet note.

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