Himalaya For Moms Toning Massage Oil Review

An honest confession-I am not a mommy yet nor am I about to be! However, that didn’t ever pose a hindrance for me to try the all new Toning Massage Oil from the Himalaya For Moms range. Well, I am half way through the bottle and I like the oil already!

This light-weight sweet-smelling oil comes in a sturdy white bottle with a flip open cap that’s quite tight, thereby making it leak-proof and travel-friendly.

I massage it on my skin right before I take a shower (whenever time permits) and it gets absorbed in no time. Its smooth texture seeps into the skin, leaving a thin film of oil on the skin, which doesn’t feel sticky at all, but in turn imparts glow and softness to skin.


  • Affordable at Rs 200 for 200 ml
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Excellent massage oil that makes skin soft
  • Makes skin feel moisturised and soothed
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Induces relaxation of body and mind


Nothing as such except for the name which somehow keeps you under an impression that only new moms can use this oil. I personally feel that it should be extended to every woman (a would-be mom, a new mommy, an experienced mommy or not a mommy yet!) who loves the idea of massaging her skin for a relaxing effect.

Rating: A nice massage oil at an affordable price,I would like to rate it at 4.5 out of 5. I plan to use it more frequently during the winters! On a more serious note, I feel it is a really trust-worthy product, a must try, for women during and after pregnancy when skin has special needs.

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