Sri Lankan Food Festival at The Coastal Macha

Coastal food is something most of us are extremely fond of,but living in a city where ever lane has a “kaathi roll joint” or a “biriyani” place,finding authentic coastal cuisine was a tad bit difficult.But not anymore as The Coastal Macha will be your companion.
The warm and cosy ambience will set your mood perfectly while you enjoy authentic coastal cuisine.

The Costal Macha is having an ongoing Sri Lankan food Festival curated by Chef Piyush Shekhar and you just cant miss that. Sri Lankan cuisine is something that we dont get to try usually and to maintain the authenticity of the cuisine Pandan leaves and Goraka ,which are the main ingredients of the  cuisine have been specially sourced from Sri Lanka.

This was the first time i tried Sri Lankan food and i must say i was quite impressed with it.

We started our meal with Devilled chicken and Devilled Seafood, which is stirfried and made with bell pepper,leek,soya sauche and vinegar.The devilled chicken completely stole my heart.

For the mains we had Dhal fry,Cashew Nut Curry(cashew cooked in coconut milk),Jaffna Prawn curry which is a popular dish from Jaffna (prawns cooked with sri lankan spices ,pandan leaves and coconut curry) , Kukul Maas Curry or Sri lankan chicken( chicken cooked perfectly with sri lankan spices).

The cashew nut curry is extremely different and is a must try,you will love this with Appam.The Coastal Macha serves two varities of appam : the plain appam and the Egg appam.The Jaffna prawns and kukul maas curry would be great with yellow rice.

Sri lankan cuisine has all the flavours blended subtly and the use of pandan leaves and coconut gravy takes it to a different level all together.

To end the day on a sweet note we had Pandan Coconut Balls for desserts which is made with pandan leaves and coconut.This is very unique and is very similar to Bengali speciality “naaru” from our grandmother’s kitchen.


The Sri Lankan food Festival is on till the 20th of September and you can definitely make a plan with your family and friends for a pre puja dine out at The Coastal Macha relishing coastal food from Sri Lanka.

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