Crystal Menu At Dum Pukht~Celebrating 15 years of ITC Sonar

Cosy ambience,a dear friend’s company, a glass of wine and most importantly mouth watering kebabs is all you need on a Friday night!

ITC  sonar is celebrating its 15th year of existence and they included us too in their celebrations with the perfect dinner at their signature restaurant, Dum Pukht. And I was more than elated to be a part of it.

About Dum Pukht:Dum Pukht brings you the intense flavours and leisurely luxury of slow cooked food made from authentic recipes garnered from the royal kitchens of Awadh. Sample the most delicately wrought qaliyas, qormas, nehari and salans along with a delicious array of biryani, pulaos and Indian breads, all cooked to perfection by the talented team of chefs.

The cuisine, the origin of which dates back to the ‘1780’s, was popular at the time of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah, the erstwhile ruler of the State of Awadh. When the Nawab found his kingdom in the grip of famine , he initiated a food for work programme, employing thousands in the construction of the exquisite Bada Imambara. Large cauldrons were filled with rice, meat, vegetables and species and sealed to make a simple, one-dish meal that was available to workers day and night. Then, one day, the Nawab caught a whiff of the aromas emanating from the cauldron and the royal kitchen was ordered to serve the dish.

Gradually refined to please the royal palate, ‘Dum’ cooking soon spread to other Indian courts of Hyderabad, Kashmir and Bhopal. In each, the maestros that supervised the kitchen  added their own distinctive magic. Apart from this, Dum Phukt also has the distinction of ushering in the art of Indian fine dining in the indian cuisine scenario.

The ambience at Dum Pukht is extremely welcoming and keeping with the cuisine theme. The ambience at Dum Pukht is replete with rich Onyx cladding on the walls with finely veneered timber columns and plush furnituring. The traditional Indian manner of serving by courses has been revived by Dum Pukht, and a silver Dastarkan at each place setting acts as a base to the specially designed crockery.

We were warmly greeted by “Akhtar” who happily explained about Awadhi cuisine and Dum Pukht. As a part of their 15 years celebration Dum Pukht is having a set crystal menu which is a celebration of the flavours of ITC Sonar’s signature kitchens.

We began our meal with “Mahashir Dumpukth” (fresh river fish marinated with cumin and fresh yogurt and cooked in dum) and “Dumpukht Kakori’ ( a delicate melt-in-your-mouth kebab of finely minced lamb flavoured with cloves and cinnamon wrapped around a skewer and chargrilled). Dum Pukht is known for its Kakori Kebab which is an all time favourite. It has an outburst of exquisite flavours once you have it.


For the mains we had “Subz Miloni” ( a melange of seasonal vegetables cooked in a smooth green puree of spinach and fenugreek), “Dal Dumpukht” ( arhar lentil cooked with yellow chillies, yoghurt and exotically tempered with caramelized garlic) and the star of the show “Dumpukht Koh-e-Awadh” ( chefs recipe for qorma of elegantly exposed lamb shanks. Dum cooked in their own cardamom tinged juices and marrow, finished with saffron)

We also had the Dumpukht Biryani which was cooked to perfection and Warqi Paratha, which is a type of Laccha Paratha and is a great accompaniment with the “Dumpukh tKoh-e-Awadh”.



The lamb was extremely succulent and the unique flavours took it to a different level altogether. I also loved the Dal which is a signature on its own.

We ended our day on a sweet note with the “Lab-e-Mashooq”  which is an ensemble platter of Kulfi, Shahi Tukra and Firni. The Shahi Tukra stole my heart completely. I loved how subtle it was and not too overpoweringly sweet.

Dum Pukht serves not just cuisine, but an experience that you will cherish for a very long time. and to celebrate its 15 years of existence they are including all of us in the celebration by having a special crystal menu at Rs1,599 plus taxes available at all outlets from 1st to 15th August. So, don’t forget to be a part of it!!!

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