Upgrading Your Style Quotient With Fastrack Frames

As a 10 year old kid when my ophthalmologist told me that its time for me to wear spectacles ,i remember that i literally sulked.Through out my school days i had to wear those “not so cool” spectacles which wouldn’t compliment me or my style.Spectacles those days were either too bulky or not at all stylish and people like us hated them.But not anymore,these days spectacles have become a style statement,a piece of accessory that would revamp your style and personality and Fastrack frames does exactly the same.

Fastrack has come up with their summer style frames which are perfect for everyday wear and is extremely versatile.This collection has a wide range of frames which is suitable for any individual,from super funky styles to classier ones fastrack has it all.

The frame that i chose is a turtle patterned brown frame which is extremely light weight and stylish.The frame can be worn with your formal wear as well as with your ethnic wear,that’s the beauty of it.
On a day out with friends i had paired my fastrack frame with a casual pair of jeans and top and a fusion jacket and my spectacles just took the entire look to a new level.These spects were  enough to accessorise my whole look and make it look really uber and stylish.What i also like about these fastrack frames is they are extremely affordable and perfect for college going students who wants their style to stand out without it being heavy on their pockets.So you can have multiple frames for different occasions.:)

Fastrack frames are available at all Titan eye plus store across the city,you can even get your eye power checked at the titan eye plus store.They offer a state of art 20 steps free eye check up.So before choosing your frame you can also get your eyes tested.

So this season all you need is a super stylish frame from titan eye plus and take your style quotient to a different level all together.



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    So cute and the mini bun

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