Beer Market At Monkey Bar Kolkata

Calcutta rains,friends,stunning view of the city and some chilled beer.Sounds perfect right?Monkey Bar kolkata has exactly the same planned for the city of joy.They are hosting a beer mrkt where you get to try some amazing beer cocktails,the view and rains is always a plus point.And not only the cocktails MoBar is also having some new chicken wings and fries in their menu for the festival.

Recently we city bloggers were invited for a preview of the Beer Mrkt at monkey bar and such a good time we had over fun cocktails,chicken wings,fries and off course the beautiful view of our very own city of joy.

For the cocktails MoBar has come up with some really fun and innovative cocktails.Monkey mule(beer,vodka,home made ginger cordial,lime and mint),Shandy(beer and lemonade),Beer bong(beer and dark rum),Beergarita(beer,tequila and lime juice),Bloody Roman( Beer,tomato juice,tobacco,worcestershire sauce,lime juice,black pepper and salt),The Peach trip(beer,jim beam peach syrup,and angostura bitter drop),Beermosa(beer ,orange juice and sparkling wine).My favourite was the beergarita which is a cooler version of margarita with beer in it and also the beer bong.

After a good round of drinks it was time for us to try out the food.We started with chicken wings and also played a little guessing about the sauces used in each variety of wings.There were wings in BBQ sauce ,Hot sauce,sticky korean gochujang,hot and sour wings,Honey mustard and the carribean jerk sauce. And being a bengali how much i loved the wings in mustard sauce.

The fries were next and these amazing fries are perfect to nibble on with your cocktail and indulge on a fun conversation with your group of friends.We tried the Mexican chilli cheese fries(topped with baked beans,cheddar cheese and pico),Poutine(french fries tossed with cheese sauce,mushroom gravy,bell peppers and caramelised onions),pizza fries(fries baked with tomato sauce,mozzarella,oregano and basil) ,Ham and cheese(grilled ham and homemade cheese sauce).I loved the pizza fries and also the poutine which was very different and unusual but extremely tasty.

So this monsoon don’t forget drop by at monkey bar to enjoy their fun beer cocktails with fries and wings.The beer market is on till the 27th of september.

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