Burnt Garlic :Review

Located in Deshapriya park,Burnt Garlic is a place that will give you an extremely warm and cozy feeling the moment you enter it.I visited the place on a day after a 24 hour duty at work and the moment i entered the quirky decor and cheerful ambience made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Burnt garlic specialises in continental,salads,American and oriental.And honestly i really enjoyed the food.We started with the savour it salad which has iceberg and aragula,with orange dressing.Not only did the salad look very colourful but also was very fresh,healthy and tasty.

For starters we had Burnt garlic fried cottage cheese and Fish in thai chilli sauce.I am personally not a huge fan of cottage cheese but this dish from burnt garlic really made me finish almost half of it.The crispy cottage cheese with the dip on the side will be loved by a hardcore non vegetarian like me as well.

Since Burnt Garlic makes some amazing cocktails we decided to try few of their signature drinks.The strawberry kiwi mojito(rum,kiwi,strawberry,sugar,sparkling water,mint,lime) and Frozen mango coconut daiquiri(white rum,mango,coconut milk,triple sec,sweet and sour) were the two cocktails we tried.I personally loved the mango coconut daiquiri for its rich mango flavour and white rum.

After such amazing starters we were extremely excited for the mains.We had Porchini chicken with roasted potato and greens and pan seared lemon butter bhetki with mashed potato and green vegetable.And needless to say,  we loved the food.I enjoyed the porchini chicken to bits,The well cooked chicken has an explosion of flavours when you have it.Not only is the food tasty but i also appreciate the way they were presented.

Even we were full to the brim we wanted to end our lunch on a sweet note and hence we called for the Caramel cake with hot toffee sauce.The hot and spongy caramel cake with the toffee sauce on top was the perfect way to end such a happy meal.

Burnt garlic is the perfect place to hang out with your friends on a rainy evening with some good drinks and even better food.

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