5 Times Bollywood Actors Helped The Less Privileged In Films

Our Bollywood heroes don’t just step in when their damsel is in distress. Many a times, actors have touched hearts by stepping in for a noble cause in their movies. Here’s recounting five such exemplary instances:

Anil Kapoor in Mr. India
Talk about being noble? In the film, Anil Kapoor’s character Arun, could barely survive yet he took it upon himself to rent out a house for orphans. If that wasn’t enough, he even used his ‘invisibility’ to fight crime and corruption.

Akshay Kumar in Airlift
Ranjit Katiyal, portrayed by Akshay Kumar, not only put his privileged life aside but jeopardized his own in order to rescue his stranded countrymen; his feat of helping out over 170,000 Indians is something every viewer appreciated.

Shah Rukh Khan in Swades
SRK’s character Mohan not only urged the importance and significance of education but also set up a hydroelectric power facility to ease the living of the villagers. Giving up a high-flying job in NASA to help out the less privileged is indeed commendable. Mohan makes a significant difference in the lives of a small village in India.

Asin in Ghajini
A girl we could all relate to was Kalpana (Asin) from the film Ghajini where she not only spent time with and cheered up children, she also didn’t hesitate one bit to tak a stand when she witnessed 25 young girls being trafficking.

Shah Rukh Khan in Raees
Raees Alam in Raees might be a baddie but his compassionate acts of building homes for villagers and providing food for Hindus despite being a Muslim won us over.

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