Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel Review


Shower gel happens to be one of the many attractions of summertime shower. Well, summer or winter- I have always been in love with shower gels. After trying out two different versions of Nivea shower gels, namely Nivea Powerfruit and Nivea Frangipani and Oil, I finally tried out Nivea Waterlily and Oil Shower Gel. Check out the review in this post.

Priced at Rs 185 for 250 ml, Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel is a clear, transparent gel with a runny consistency and somewhat pink in colour. It comes in a transparent bottle with a blue flip-open cap. There are micro beads, yellow in colour, suspended in the shower gel. When the shower gel is poured on the palm, it appeared almost colourless.

When used on wet skin, it feels somewhat slimy. However, when used with a loofah, it lathers profusely. It can be washed off completely with easy under running water. Skin feels thoroughly cleansed and refreshed. At the same time, it doesn’t make skin feel dry. So, in case you forget applying a nourishing body lotion after bathing, it isn’t going to affect you much.

Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel: Pros

  • Affordable at Rs 185 for 250 ml
  • Pleasant mild fragrance
  • Cleanses thoroughly
  • Has a hydrating effect, doesn’t make skin feel dry
  • A coin sized dollop or a bit more is enough when used with loofah and hence a 250 ml bottle lasts for a long time
  • Easily available


Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel: Cons

  • Contains SLS and paraben
  • The moisturizing effect is okay for summers but inadequate for winters


Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel: Final Word

An excellent shower gel for regular use, Nivea Water Lily And Oil Shower Gel is not only affordable but it is also effective. Rating would be 4 out of 5.

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