VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit Review


Going for a facial once every month helps improve the texture of your skin and also treat imperfections like uneven skin tone, dark patches, blemishes, acne, spots and wrinkles. Since I cannot manage time out of my hectic schedule and at times, I am way too lazy to go to a beauty salon, I like investing in DIY facial kits that can be used in the comfort of the home. I have invested in VLCC facial kits quite often, and I am quite satisfied with these kits. Party Glow Facial kit is one of the most popular ones in the list. Read my review of VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit in this post.

The kit comes with four separate items, neatly packed:

1.Indian Berberry Face Scrub
2.Saffron Massage Gel
3.Snigdha Face Cream
4.Insta Glow Face Pack

Since I made use of the buy one get one free offer, I got two sachets of each item.


    1. Scrubbing: The first step to the facial is using the Indian Berberry Face Scrub gently on face for about 2 to 3 minutes. The greyish white scrub contains tiny but dense and harsh granules that helps exfoliate skin thoroughly. Skin feels thoroughly cleansed and free from all kinds of impurities.

    1. Massage with gel: The Saffron Gel has a revitalizing fragrance that soothes the senses. This orangish pink transparent gel is cool when applied on skin. It spreads evenly on the skin and easy to massage the face with. Ten minutes of facial massage with Saffron Gel is like a cakewalk. Once in a while, you may like to wet the tips of your fingers to ensure the fingers work on your skin even more smoothly. However, that is purely one’s own discretion. This step is my most favourite part of this facial session with VLCC Party Glow Facial Kit. I love the touch, the smell and the feel of this soothing gel. Skin feels refreshed. Since I have oily skin, my skin loves it!

    1. Massage with cream: Snigdha Face Cream has a light creamy texture that spread on the skin like butter. After ten minutes massage with this milky white cream, skin feels nourished. However, the cooling sensation that the saffron gel gives to the skin is lost completely after the massage with the cream. Even with my oily skin, I have never experienced any break out or discomfort post this cream massage.

  1. Application of face pack: The face pack is somewhat thick and needs to be softened with a few drops of water for smooth application. Apply a generous amount of Insta Glow Face Pack and rest awhile. Wash off after 15 minutes to get glowing skin.


  1. Affordable at Rs 195 for a 40 g kit (I got 40g x 2 at the price)
  2. Neat packaging
  3. Instructions are written clearly and the steps are mentioned in a way that nobody will ever get confused.
  4. All the items come with lovely fragrance
  5. Imparts glow to the skin
  6. Suits my oily acne-prone sensitive skin perfectly well, it has never broken me out
  7. Easy availability



  1. The glow is short-lived
  2. Does not help much with treating acne, pimples and tanned skin
  3. Difficult to store if ingredients are not completely used during the facial session



An excellent budget facial kit for facial session at home, it does a decent job and works well to impart smooth, cleansed and glowing skin. Rating would be 4.5 out of 5

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