Why Kai Po Che is a perfect film?


  1. Principal flashpoint of the narrative

Abhishek Kapoor uses The Gujarati phrase ‘Kai Po Che’, the full-throated cry used when young boys are flying and ‘cutting’ kites, as an apt metaphor and creates an engaging drama that makes its point without sinking into preachy paroxysms.

  1. Malleability

There’s surprise, anger, infidelity, fear and also that instinct to help another human in need who is being hunted by a mob. All this happens within a span of a minute and every nuance of these emotions flow with absolute ease, and Abhishek Kapoor invests this tale of struggle, despair and hope with the unfailing power of humanism.

  1. Setting

Set in Ahmedabad, the film revolves around two tumultuous years in the lives of three boys whose equations with each other are thrown into severe turmoil by two calamitous events: the 2001 Gujarat earthquake and post-Godhra communal carnage of 2002.

  1. Suffering and ambition personified

Each of the three main characters represents a specific set of human traits, but neither of them is reduced to a single-note stereotype. Govind Patel, the quieter, and most balanced of the three, is also a habitual number cruncher, the sedate, pragmatic, if socially awkward, young man; Omkar Shastri  shows his mettle through his metamorphosis from a secondary opinion to a furious figure in seeking financial support for their shop and ultimately gets drawn into a Hindu political party led by his uncle; and Ishaan Bhatt,  the hot-headed, rebellious, the most impulsive, finds his faith in cricket and especially in a young Muslim prodigy, who he accidentally discovers.

  1. A love-story of sustained optimism amid the gloom

The gentle-spirited Govind, roped in to teach mathematics to Ishaan’s little sister, Vidya (Amrita Puri), falls in love with the girl. Their relationship is tested in varied ways and the conflict point, when the young couple gets sexually active in the garb of festivities, like the rest of the film, unfolds in a restrained and natural arc.

  1. Acting dynamics

Often, the camera settles on the glimmering eyes of the three leads to reveal the sensitive, complicated persons they are filled with a deep sense of guilt. The actors sock you with their flair for natural acting and confident screen presence. Amrita Puri as Ishaan’s sister is at the periphery of the pivotal axis and yet makes her presence felt with such an endearing lack of vanity.

  1. Soundtrack

The combination of Amit Trivedi’s exquisite melodies and Swanand Kirkire’s breathtaking lyricism reiterates the troika’s exuberance and idealism.

  1. Sky is the limit

Kai Po Che is about spirits soaring skywards, as the characters, each one so vividly etched into the compact narrative, let their spirits roam wild and free, soaking in the sunlight of desire, longing, aspiring, stumbling and getting back on the feet. Kai Po Che bubbles over with the warmth of lived-in experiences and with central performances that are so unstudied you suspect the actors were born to play these parts.

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