Why Jolly LLB 2 is an absolute delight to watch?


  1. Moral

The film captures UP in all its notorious glory, with goons, and guns; and slips in allusions to the “patriotic” versus “anti-national” debate that controls the political discourse in the country today even as it highlights the centrality of a fair and free judicial system in a polity controlled by the powerful and the wealthy.

  1. Interesting interplay between two lawyers

Newbie Jolly is up against the jaded advocate who can swing any case in his favour, and steer it just the way you’d like it to. Forwarding the deft comic interplay between two lawyers and the sarcasm in the judiciary system that was introduced in the first part, JOLLY LLB 2 does not disappoint and is packed with enough material to deliver a winner; a winner that stays strong in its premise and undoubtedly celebrates Akshay Kumar’s twin persona as the poster boy of patriotisms on Indian screen and his signature buffoonery. Annu Kapoor bringing out the entitlement, ego and drive of an established advocate with wicked vigour and Jolly’s lackadaisical attitude to his profession with a surehandedness keep the bustling uncertainties of Lucknow moving smoothly. Akshay Kumar is typically endearing in his everyman role, and Annu Kapoor is suitably venal as his opponent.

  1. Akshay Kumar

If Arshad Warsi’s malicious, purposive and willful Jagdish Tyagi aka Jolly from Meerut, proved his worth in Delhi’s District and Sessions Court, Akshay’s Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly is a sharp-tongued, short-fused Kanpuriya who’s much too cunning to be running measly errands making a dishonest living in Lucknow’s dusty courthouse. His logical prowess and presence of mind make him the proverbial smooth operator. The character goes from being a swindler to being a utopian lawyer though the character arc has many shades; he may be a lawyer but he has no qualms swindling people. Akshay Kumar grips the myriad shades of his character with consummate ease. Akshay Kumar, to his credit, never loses sight of the need for restraint, playing a callow but cocksure lawyer not averse to bending the rules when he is in need of money.

  1. Saurabh Shukla

Saurabh Shukla is an absolute delight yet again in the role of the mercurial Justice Sunder Lal Tripathi, the earthy and eccentric judge, his plump feet planted firmly on the ground and his heart in the absolutely right place. He conveys avuncular grace with as much ease as he does indignant exasperation. No matter what, his antics are rib-tickling. He remains the highlight of the sequel. The judge’s unconventional courtroom behaviour, pragmatic delineation of the law, and no-nonsense attitude enliven the proceedings.

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