Why AURANGAZEB is a deadly intertwine of drama and emotions?


  1. Convoluted plot

In this convoluted plot treacheries unveil at each stage without rendering any predictability. The first half is racy and pulsating where each of the character’s establishment adds to the intrigue quotient.

2. Inept form

Aurangzeb works even in its inept form, being deeply plagiaristic of the traditional Hindi film narrative where blood-ties gain precedence over individual turbulence. The film is one intricate conspiracy of deceit revolving around the motives of the predominantly grey characters, where chances are: anyone can turn a volte face, for better or worse.

3. Intriguing characters

Aurangzeb doesn’t demonstrate any depth to examine the impact of role-playing, and change in circumstances on Arjun Kapoor’s psyche. The depth deepens within  Rishi Kapoor (his candid conversation with Deepti Naval showing his innermost anxieties to his frighteningly supportive partner) and Prithviraj (by way of voiceover that offers a constant peek into his thoughts.) Each character has multiple allegiances and numerous motivations; the movie keeps you engaged as it reimagines the classic Bollywood trope of brothers on opposite sides of the law and the potential redemption of filial love. Sadly, cynicism and ambivalence are the modern components to this narrative.

4.  The actors glow incandescently in the dark

Now the most important aspect of Aurangzeb is its casting. Rishi Kapoor who is at the top of his game, inspires awe through the stunning curve he draws within the story; Arjun, the other Kapoor is perfectly cast as the self-absorbed guy with an unmistakable glint in his eyes. He shows remarkable poise in his second film and first double role in the company of stalwarts. The film is also elevated by Prithviraj Sukumaran’s clean-cut persona and he stands out in a role which has undeniable presence with a subtle cynicism, dry humour, restrained force and suppressed emotionality.

5. The narrative exudes an impressive confidence and vulnerability

What gets in the way of the film’s confident narrative is the occasionally script contrivances. And because Aurangzeb’s momentum is steady and swift, the loosely established relationships, convenient set-ups and undisclosed footage of significant reactions, are skilfully minimised even if only temporarily. The cinematography judiciously depicts the rampant industrialization of the Delhi-NCR region. Against the relevant backdrop of land-grabbing in Gurgaon and its deep-rooted network within political parties, corporate sectors and corrupt law and order, director Atul Sabharwal weaves an old-fashioned yarn about family, both estranged and cohesive.

What lends the movie’s sentimentality a crooked twist is how its premise is relentlessly influenced by the cutthroat philosophy of Mughal Emperor ‘Aurangzeb’.

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