Dining Experience At The JW Kitchen,JW Marriott Hotel

From the time JW Marriott has opened its doors,city of joy is going gaga over it.JW kitchen,the all day-diner at JW Marriott is my personal favourite.I have already been there thrice and i absolutely love the ambience and of course the food.

JW Kitchen has the widest spread of buffet but they also offer some unique and delicious items from tha a-la-carte menu as well.We decided to try some of the signaure dishes from the a-la-carte menu before diving into the buffet section.The first thing we had is Father Michel’s Burrata,a salad made with fresh burrata and San Marzano tomatoes.Next came a dish which was one of the most unique things i ever tasted,it was the Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Sliders,Yes Jackfruit sliders.I am not at all fond of jackfruits and usually stay away from them but the jackfruit sliders were an absolute delight.If you are a salmon lover then you must try the Black Pepper Crusted Salmon.The Burmese Khaw Suey is itself a whole meal with coconut curry,eggs,chicken and noodles,the presentation of this khaw suey is very beautiful and it very filling and delicious at the same time.

Now it was time to dive in to the exquisite buffet and i usually get confused on where to start from when it comes to so much variety.JW Kitchen offers four culinary hubs Asian+Indian,Western,Indian appetisers and Desserts.The restaurant has an amazing cold station and also some incredible salads.If You are a cheese lover,you will also find some great international cheese here.The chaat counter,farsan counter is also a must try.The kebab section has some authentic kebabs to offer which you cannot miss.The most integral part of the buffet is the dessert section.The restaurant offers at least 25-30 options to choose from,and i must admit JW Kitchen offers the most exquisite variety of desserts in the city.From waffles to cupcakes to tarts,they have it all.If you still want to go ahead and try something different then you can try the Berry Classico from the a la carte menu.This one is beautiful.

JW Kitchen is the perfect place to celebrate your special occasion or even going out on a date with your dear one.


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