Goa For Your winter vacation

Winter is here and with it the time has come for the city to get decked up in christmas lights,streets filled with people enjoying the festivities,kids running around the corner with christmas caps.

For me December is about meeting friends,going for long walks,visiting churches and styling those fuzzy beanies and warm trench coats .But how about going on a vacation this year for a change? Waking up early morning sipping your hot cup of coffee as the sun shines bright on your shoulders,lazing around the entire day and finally partying and dancing to your favourite tunes at a beach shack as the sun goes down.Yes I’m talking about Goa.

And If you are already craving for a vacation in Goa then let me make your job a little more easier.There are a lot of good deals the airline companies offer during the holiday season and getting a cheap flight won’t be difficult at all.There are a innumerable hotels in Goa and I’m sure you would be lucky enough to get a hotel booked for yourself.So book yourself a ticket and go on to welcome the new year in a different way.

Goa is the perfect place for everything crazy,from water sports to shack parties or even strolling around the city with your friends.Here are a couple of things you can do while you are in Goa.


Beaches form the main attraction of Goa. Make sure you spend quality time at a beach that adds to your comfort as well as your sense of pleasure. I love serene and peaceful atmosphere. I love to sit and watch the soft rolls of water spatter on the sands. I love to enjoy the beauty of nature with my loved one and hence, I chose to spend as much time as possible at the Colva beach. The best part of Colva in South Goa is that you get everything you need and yet, nobody barges into your privacy; you have many people around and yet you can relish your solitary sojourn with the tranquil sea and the unruffled waves. The silvery sands, the beach shacks, the unending coastline and those special moments of retrospection make you feel alive and blessed. On the other hand, if you are of the fun-loving sort, head for Calangute in North Goa.

What is Goa for if you choose not to indulge in some fun activities? Be it jet skiing, scuba diving, parasailing or windsurfing, you must experience them all to get the real flavor of the fun associated with Goa and the seas! Be adventurous and have a blast!

Board a cruise especially meant for tourists and enjoy a ride across the river. The best part is that during that 1 hour ride, you get to enjoy Goan music as well as performances too! Cruising across River Mandovi is real fun and if you have some good company with you, you can even tap your feet to the peppy music played by DJs and let your hair down.

It is an UNESCO Heritage World site that attracts millions of tourists as well as devout followers of Christianity from the entire world. The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier have been preserved in this church which happens to be one of the oldest churches in Goa as well as in India. A visit to this place gives you goose-bumps and awakens a sense of awe and wonder. This is definitely a must-watch in Goa.


Winter is the best time to be at Goa.The entire city is in a celebration mood.You can feel the festivities all around you.There are a lot of hotels in Goa which arranges special candlelight dinners,Dj nights,karaoke nights and many other fun activities for you to enjoy.So you can either hit your favourite beach shack and dance till you drop or spend a night at a cozy restaurant in Goa with your loved one with a glass of wine ,good food and romantic music in the background.

Goa is a beautiful place that promises you luxury, romance, beauty and fun. It is different from most of the other beaches in India because of its perfectly liberal ambience and pristine environment. In order to realize the bounties of Goa, you need to visit the place.


By kinkinee Ghosh and Somreeta Mukherjee

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