The Coastal Macha: Review

Coastal food is something most of us are extremely fond of,but living in a city where ever lane has a “kaathi roll joint” or a “biriyani” place,finding authentic coastal cuisine was a tad bit difficult.But not anymore as the city of joy gets a new place which offers authentic coastal cuisine:The Coastal Macha.

We city bloggers were invited to Coastal Macha to experience their delicacies and what an afternoon it was.

We were greeted with a Sol Kadhi,Solkadhi is a type of curry usually eaten with rice or sometimes drunk after the meals. Popular in Goa and the Konkan regions, it is made from coconut milk and Kokum and is known for it digestive properties.Then on the table was the Rava fish fry,when you think of coastal food a fish fry is a must.Rava fish fry is a Mangalorean style fish fry.

We had Squid Sukka next.Small pieces of squid is cooked in a coconut gravy.If you are fond of squids and coconuts then you must give this a shot.Most of us associate coastal food with mainly seafood and coconut gravies but coastal cuisines also offers some amazing meat delicacies and also some of the most delicious vegetarian dishes too.So up next was Mutton Pepper Fry ,Vegetable Ishtew,Chicken Ghee Roast and Appam.

Mutton Pepper fry is delicacy from Kerala,Soft and succulent pieces of mutton were pan tossed with pepper and garnished with coriander.The flavours blended beautifully and this had to be my favourite.Coastal Macha has something for vegetarian foodies too and the vegetable ishtew is one of them,mixed vegetables cooked in coconut milk the ishtew is truly a vegetarian’s delight.Chicken Ghee roast is a delicacy from Mangalore,hose origins go back to a small town Kundapur.It has a tangy and spicy gravy with a flavour of ghee roasted spices.Coastal food is incomplete without an Appam.It is a type of pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk and is extremely popular in Kerala.This would be perfect to try with your curry or ishtew.

For rice lovers coastal macha has jeera rice and the Prawn Pulao.A steaming portion of jeera rice would be perfect to go with your sides whereas the Prawn pulao is itself a beauty.Popular in Goa the prawn pulao is perfectly cooked with with pieces of prawns in it.

Coastal macha has also included some amazing pork delicacies which cannot be missed.Some of my favourite items from the new menu are:

Pork Gongura Fry : A tangy & spicy Andhra stir fry with sorrell leaf paste.

Mutton Cafreal – A Goan delicacy made with a spice mix along with Cilantro & Mint

Chicken Belluli Roast – A garlic based Mangalorian Dish with Traditional spices.

Pork Coorgi Masala ( Pandicurry) – A kodava community classic, made with a special vinegar called kachampuli.

Prawn in Raw Mango curry
And to then end the meal we tried the Tender Coconut Pudding – Pudding made with Coconut Malai, Coconut Water & Thick Milk.



The Coastal Macha,located in Southern Avenue is a place which is extremely warm and cosy and truly serves authentic coastal cuisine.It is an Absolute must visit if you want to try coastal flavours.


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